WTS Guild Level 25 - 1230 achieves & 7slots

Pains me to have to sell this guild, it really does! I just no longer have the time to put into it anymore, the guild was originally created on 30-8-2011, used to be a major guild on Darkspear back in Cataclysm. in fact we're still ranked 2nd according to Arenajunkies ;)


<TungstenGaming> As the title says the guild has 1230 achievements, legs and helm heirlooms unlocked!

I'm only asking for 250k or a jeweled panther + 120k and it's yours!

Please give this guild a nice home ;)
you'd be lucky to get 100k for this.
Maybe, I'm not sure back in Cata I was getting crazy offers for the guild, I may have a buyer interested so far ;)
back in cata there were far less 25 guilds for sale as per the difficulty in leveling one. It was made substantially easier and the experience required was reduced. Finding a 25 guild to buy is pretty simple and nobody cares about achievements within a guild unless it offers them something outside of the standard buy.

An example of this would be the classy achievements for each race to unlock an 8th tab or any worthwhile guild vendor bought pets/mounts, or any guild feats of strength etc.

The heirloom portion of your guild is a nice addition, but nothing to merit a price increase from the norm being 75-100k to upwards of 250k.

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