507 Holy Pally LF Raiding Guild

I've been stuck with a sub-par raid group for most of this expansion over on Ravenholdt, but I'll be moving this toon back to Hyjal very soon and I'd like to get into a progression guild asap! I've cleared MSV, HoF, Terrace (except Sha because of the aforementioned raid group), and I'm 1/12 on ToT. I've been a Paladin healer since Wrath and I am extremely good at what I do. It's high-time my talent stopped going to waste, so Ravenholdt's loss is your gain, Hyjal!

Anyway, I can raid anytime from Friday to Sunday, so a weekend raiding guild would be fantastic. I want to start getting bosses down again the way it's supposed to be done! Any questions for me, you can ask here or in game.

My toons are: Docholyday-Ravenholdt, Ugraak-Ravenholdt, Nerzaad-Ravenholdt, Romgar-Ravenholdt, Wupow-Hyjal, and Zugrok-Hyjal

Hoping to have a guild lined up for my move (probably within the next 7-10 days)! I don't stand in fail, I heal like nobody's business, I learn mechanics quick, I watch videos on fights beforehand, and I've got a great attitude!
We might have a spot open for you with Provisional Sin. I'll get back to you, but here's my battle.tag: Rezy#1582

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