HCT 13: The Plural of Anecdote is Data.

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I don't think I would use Ashes even if I got it. I can't stand the Netherdrakes because of the trail they leave behind. I do, however, use my orange ZG raptor (new Mandokir) and Fiery Warhorse everywhere.

I can't really 'take' the trails, either. But I'd gladly endure those rather than ride a raptor. Holy CRAP dat bounce. No.

As a general rule, though, I only pull out my 'rare' mounts when I'm actually traveling. For sitting in town or somesuch, I'll generally sit on one that's obtainable by anyone. Arch Bug comes to mind.

Apparently I can read at 600 WPM. I would not have thought that was possible :o
600 wpm too easy

bring on 1000
Finally got my hands on the new Armin Van Buuren album.

Quite impressed Mr. Van Buuren. Quite impressed.
Drumu in LFR was kind enough to drop a crossbow, now I will not get one for the rest of the expansion outside of PvP. OKC is getting hammered by storms so good night all y'all!
So GM put me in charge of designing our guild tabard.
He didn't like my initial idea and got really picky.

Ended up with this as a temp solution

i have never been in a guild where the tabard isnt a heart and something is always pink
He wants something simple, that will stand out, that represents the name Destruction.

And he shot down all of my ideas :l
I love our red and black Murloc tabard!

And he shot down all of my ideas :l

Then why hire you in the first place?
Then why hire you in the first place?


He's all like "i dont know, I dont even really care"
Im betting It had something to do with plausible deniability. You know, so he can claim "we were suposed to get new, interesting tabards, but Leo couldnt come up with any good ideas, so we are stuck with what we got."

On an off note, I finally managed to get Recipe: Elixir of Dream Vision off the ah on my rogue. Now I can make this useful elixir to explore stuff on alts without getting detected, or just check on rare spawns with out killing stuff to get there.

Edit: who knew pickpocketing could make 6kg in a single day easy?
On an off note, I finally managed to get Recipe: Elixir of Dream Vision off the ah on my rogue. Now I can make this useful elixir to explore stuff on alts without getting detected, or just check on rare spawns with out killing stuff to get there.

DUDE I totally forgot I could make that!!

I know what I'm doing.

And yeah possibly. I'm just going to hijack GM status from him and go all dictator on it.

Also, iron qon H down, woo.
Its an old world dragon drop, that now is a world drop for a 40-55 lv range, and drops of some classic raid bosses, like nefarian, on like a 2% drop rate, or possibly less. I love the elixir, just been trying to get ahold of it, and now wish purple lotus was easier to get ahold of.
Gratz, guild is still only on reg horrid on, if we could just keep all our dps up past the second door, we made it to the fourth once, but a certain mage kept dying at the second (rending charge or living poison or something), and one of our warriors died on the next door, adds just got too numerous. Maybe tomorrow night we'll actually make some progress. (in the mages, and the healers, defense; it was the mages first time in reg ToT, so he could have gotten out of range.)

Weve been picking our mages, various melee dps, and the marks hunter ive talked about over the lock(the one with the soulstone issue), Im fairly certain her dps could be better, but ive been turning recount off on jinrok and forgeting to turn it on for horrid on, so I dont know what shes pulling. This new mage brings our raiding mage count up to 3, Me and the other hunter have priority as we always show up and typically know mechanics. As does our dps warrior, the remaining two dps spots change as we dont have regular, reliable attendance from any of our other dps.

Is the council as hard to get past the first time as horridon has been? I know tortos will be fairly simple (Im prob going to be expected to MD bats to the bat tank, after that ill prob be burning turtles since we have 3-4 ranged and 1-2 melee, not sure what will happen when we get to him)
05/09/2013 06:56 AMPosted by Eurugan
but a certain mage

Always seems to be the mage..

I can't remember, I think Council is a bit harder but we got both on the same night so about equal?
Tortos is just "how good is/are your kicker/s?"
I think Council was definitely harder than Tortos, at least in 10 man. Gear helps Council more than Tortos though.

We had a good night this week and managed to actually go 11/12 in one night. Except attendance in May has been terrible, so getting a full night on Lei Shen seems impossible. Roster of 12 not enough apparently.
Only reason we are still raiding every night is cause our back up dps roster is geting large. We still arent sitting people most nights.

Prot warrior
blood dk
restro/ele shaman
holy/ret pally
holy/disc priest (I think, she may just be holy, if we 2 heal the shaman or pally dps)
dps warrior
marks hunter
survival/beast hunter (me)

thats 8 who almost never have to miss.

Our extras
arcane mage
arcane/frost mage
frost mage (new, previos expacs hes raided on a warrior, just cant figure out warrior dps style, hes only able to pull 40k in either dps spec, but on the mage hes pulling well over double that)

afflic/demo lock (seen her use demo once, has issues using soulstone on anyone but herself)
frost dk
ret pally
restro druid (low gear, not on much)

theres also this one mage who recently joined our guild who has subbed for us before, but hasn't gotten to raid with us since he joined, which was sometime in the last week. might get the healer who subbed with said mage when we were short a dps and a healer (one week we had 2 of the healers miss one night each for family reasons, one of them missed for a week for job reasons, the healer seems reliable). Neither of these subs were pugs, they were friends of our regulars, and seemed to enjoy raiding with us.

most nights, its the 8 constants, and pretty much 2 extras show up, if more we pick the more reliable ones (dps numbers or ability to handle mechanics).
05/09/2013 06:56 AMPosted by Eurugan
Is the council as hard to get past the first time as horridon has been?

Not for us. It took us a month on Horridon, and a week for Council Granted that could be because we geared up more in that month, but still, overall it felt easier. The strat we used on Council is we grouped Marli, Frost King, and Sul together, and ignored loa's unless Marli is possessed. Burn Sul until the first tank swap, then switch to frost king. Cleave and dot up Sul whenever possible, and take him out during his possessed phase. If you have good melee, it is possible to take him out before he sandstorms. This was done with an average ilevel of about 505, so you should be able to handle it, when you get there.
Sigh, sad thing, Im the one with the highest Ilv, hunter and lock have 510 ilv, most are around 505, mages, prot warrior, and ret pally are near 500. not sure if we will have the gear. our constants handle mechanics well, our prot warrior hates lfr with a passion, so he doesn't gear as much or use bonus rolls as efficiently, hes also the GM so im not bringing that up. (spent this weeks bonus rolls on all 3 bosses of first wing)
We did manage to get Ji'Kun down on Monday, so 2 new bosses last week is progress. I experimented with a 2 team nest strategy and it worked pretty nicely on our first couple attempts so we stuck with it and got the kill a few later. I think we had 10 total attempts on him, our "quickest" kill this tier besides boss 1.

I was hoping to finally get a weapon last night, but my raid decided to derp on Tortos for 5 attempts. I don't think I've seen people find that many different ways to die on a single boss.

We finally had some other weapon luck in the last week though. Our Fury Warrior's MH went from 502 - 528 and our Rogue's went from 504-522. We also had 2 dps get metas. Large damage bumps are nice.

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