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Guild Recruitment
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________________________Invicto Gaming________________________
Horde | US-Stormreaver | 10man | Raiding Guild | Invicto-gaming.com

Raid Times - [Tuesday|Wednesday|Thursday]

PST – 10PM-1AM
CST - 12:00PM-3AM

* During progression, raid times might be extended if close to a new kill.

Current Progression | 3/13 Heroic

What I'm Looking for

I'm looking for players who understand what it means to play as a team.
I'm not looking for meter jockeys, who only focus on numbers, I'm looking for skillful players that understand learning mechanics and playing together earns more kills. This is a heroic progression guild. If you don't have the desire to be your best then turn away now.

What I expect from you

✔ Previous Heroic Raid Experience (The more the better)
✔ Basic understanding of WoL and how to read logs
✔ Ability to listen to a raid leader
✔ Actively utilize guild forums for optimization and guild information
✔ Full understanding of your class and specs
✔ Able to learn raid mechanics and once learned consistently perform them
✔ Dependability, determination and dedication and consistency in performance

What We don't need

✘ Meter/Number Junkies
✘ Immature members
✘ Ego manics who feel there is nothing to improve
✘ Players who feel they are entitled to lead the raid

Tanks: Monk, Druid, DK (Has to be solid as both tank/dps)
Healers: Closed
RDPS: Warlock, Mage

*Would really like a great ele shaman that's decent at healing when needed.

If you're interested in the same things we want, then please app @ http://www.invicto-gaming.com/
Please have WoL link and armory link available.
Also, if you don't have mumble please be ready to install it for the apping process.
For more questions you can contact me directly.

Contact Angrydruid/Angrybob (BloodRaged#1607)

Thank you for your time and consideration!
P.S. - For the right players who have logs, extensive heroic progression and I feel would be a perfect match for our team... I'll pay for the transfer.

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