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Guild Recruitment
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Oh hi, you going to bed now?
zoiiiink zoink
hummmmmmmm you die on me oz?
annnd g`night apps :) I know a great priest is out there. I just know it!
Morning Ozzy
Bump of the morning to ya
Bumper cars
Bumper cars are fun
You know what's fun recruiting players, it's really the bees knees to me.
indeed my friend, indeed
You know what else is fun oz?
Yes, raiding and hearing a monk say "Don't fallow me i'm gonna do extra damage" then proceeding to get wrecked by Durumu.
lol that was rather funny but not as !@#$ as ... obviously not bumping this post
Beast mode tank.
Updated information
Get back up there you!
rawrrrr Oz you around today?

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