Communication Error after Mountain Lion

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It's a little more complicated than that...My hard drive on MacBook Pro (2009) died this weekend. My husband, fortunately, works for Apple as a senior engineer and reinstalled from a previous back up which was running Snow Leopard. Went to play WoW and it wouldn't load. I reinstalled Mountain Lion, which I had upgraded to right before my hard drive crashed. World of Warcraft won't load at all and if I try to load from the Launcher, it asks for my system password and then tells me there's a communication error.

I followed your previous instructions to another user regarding the permissions settings, restarted the computer and still had the same issue. I noticed my Blizzard folder was in an old users/shared folder so I moved that to my current Users/shared folder. Still nothing.

Any other ideas? Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks!
That Blizzard folder does belong in /Shared. BUT exactly what do you mean by "old users/shared?" After a restore, should there not be only ONE "Users" folder?

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