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Not sure what the problem is or if anyone else is having the same issue after the maintenance,

When I type in my password and click Login, it says Connecting for a while then freezes and says "You have been disconnected from the server".

It was fine before the Server Maintenance last night but its been doing this since the servers came back up.
I am having the same problem. Enter my login information and then it says connecting for a bit then says you have been disconnected from the server.

It was working fine last night.
Yup same issue, maybe still down for maintence? There is an error message between connecting and disconnected messages, but too fast to read. error #15 (maybe)...ya probably 105, seems to get faster every time lol
Connecting and then it hangs before flashing an error message that goes away to fast to read and then "you have been disconnected from the server"
I am also experiencing this issue and am curious as to what may be causing it.
I concur, doctor.
Having the same problem as well, and was somewhat able to read that quick disappearing message.

All I really got out of it was something error #105.
The same thing is happening to me.

I'm not sure what info I would need to give to fix the issue.
Yep, same problem here.
Same issue.
Same here. If you go to the "Realm Status" page it shows all the servers to be "up" - so I would guess it's a problem with the authentication server.

yup same here :(
i noticed that the connecting box gets replaced with an error box but it also gets replaced with a you have been disconnected message too fast for you to read the error #.

update i ran a file check and now i'm getting pleauged with error 114.
Same error :-(
Yup... Same thing.
Chalk up one more...
Same problem, I believe the error message indicates #105 before disappearing and being replaced with a standard disconnect message.

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