Skill Optional 25m 1/13H Recruiting

<<Skill Optional>> is currently recruiting to polish off our 25m raid team. We are a very active progression guild with a 3 night a week schedule. We log every raid and have several raiders who rank. Our logs are open and you are free to check them out. As a team we strive for excellence and expect that each individual do so as well. Skill Optional has been around since Firelands. We formed from the falling apart of a several guilds on a dying server and have been building a stronger team since then. We have recently transferred to Stormreaver in search of a larger pool of players to pull from.

We are currently in high demand for Balance Druids, Mages, Shadow Priests, Mistweavers, and Restoration Druids. All skilled players are encouraged to apply as well. All exceptional applicants will be considered refardless of class. We operate on a 30 member roster and because of that a 90% attendance is expected of our raiders.

We have several pvpers in Skill Optional with 2k+ experience in arenas and RBGs. We offer several off raid activities such as Random Bg's, Raid Finder Tuesdays, a 10 man alt run and a rare challenge mode group. We are for the most part always in mumble doing something whether it be in game or just hanging out. Guild activity is mostly maintained from 4pm - 2am cst Monday through Friday. Weekends are pretty much fully active.

Our 25 man Raid nights are Central Standard Time and are the following

Wednesday 7pm - 11pm
Thursday 7pm - 11pm
Sunday 7pm - 11pm

What is expected of you.

Show up on time, ready and able to raid
Have 300 stat food on hand, incase you miss the feasts
Do not AFK during trash
Return from wipes in a timely manner
Have stellar attendance

What you can expect from us

A raid that is focused on progression
Being surrounded by like minded talented raiders
Enchanting mats, Flasks, Potions, and Feasts
A fair loot system that rewards effort and balances gear out equally
An environment that allows for personal and group success
A well organized raid

Any questions contact me Via RealID, apply at our website, or email me:

Updated recruitment needs. Resto Druid and Mistweaver are our biggest needs.
Updated for Heroic Kill and edited for current recruitment needs.

Still looking for skilled players of all roles for progression through heroic content.

If you're ridiculously attractive and/or have a sexy mumble voice, apply at

ps we have females that talk on vent. YEAH BOY
Looking to fill core positions for heroic progression.

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