I want to Q with friends in BGs

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If that's how you're going to look at it..
Pugstomppers will never be satisfied until they have it all.

Lol ok....

There is a place for the 5 mans and the solo queuers. Why shouldn't there be a place for the 6+ people? We DO have 2 blacklist options.
Well the obvious answer is Blizzard had to prevent premades because it just isn't fair for the other team. At least if you have a good group of friends that know how to coordinate together and work as a team, you can get your teammates and do some RBGS and hope that you go against another low MMR team.

I think that it is really sad that you assume that pug Battleground groups can't play cooperatively and win. I have been solo queueing for years and so long as we have had actual players (not bots) then we done fine against premades.
Are you saying that people can't communicate unless they are in a premade?

Secondly, premades are not difficult to form even on a pve server. Anyone can form a premade and especially now that you can queue with your Battletag friends cross realm.
Playing casual pvp with your friends is some of the most fun you can have in this game.
Not all of your friends are going to be able to join you in RBGs (which might I add are really hard to balance and very stressful to your average player, not because you are going up against another premade, but because these are seasoned teams of players. At all ratings you can encounter elite players...RBGs are where the elite players hang out). Pvp players need a middle ground where they can to learn/practice team coordination before they are shoved into RBGs.

Blizzard should really incorporate a queuing system that makes it easier to form premades with large groups of friends/guildies and allow players to make new friends through casual pvp premades, not vice versa! Is this really something that you could object to if it was part of the interface and everyone could do it?

Imagine a queue interface that allowed you to play with as many of your friends and guildies as would fit in that battleground or would help you find premades from other friend networks and realms!! An interface that would allow you to form any kind of premade that you like and would eliminate bots!!!

Yes folks, this already exists with the help of vent/trade chat/friends networks and/or addons, but shouldn't Blizzard take this amazing concept and use it rather then destroy pvp all together and alienate people who want to play casual pvp with their friends? I challenge you to give premades a try before you complain about them.
05/01/2013 10:49 AMPosted by Amojun
Because I have no option to blacklist those bg's.

Yes you do, you can blacklist two BGs...
05/01/2013 10:52 AMPosted by Amojun
Until Blizz tells me where 6+ is 'ok,' I don't know which two to blacklist, now do I?

the 40 man BGs....that's where they should put them...
Then I'm switching positions. You people are liars, cheats, and scum.

Please...... premade vs premade AV would be THE MOST FUN! Anyone denying this probably hasn't participated in a huge premade vs premade...
I see I struck a nerve...again. /sigh, you're too easy Amo.
You're still what you are, at the end of the day.

Exactly, at the end of the day...this is a video game. Has no RL dictations of how I actually am.
04/30/2013 06:56 PMPosted by Littleboon
regular battlegrounds are meant for causal pvp, not honor grinding.

They are for both.

Not in 5.3. No more gear, no more honor grind. So why not go back to letting full premades play reg bgs?
advocate a breach of a compromise entered into in good faith, that's you, not your toon.

It's my opinion, that in the 40 man BGs...people should be able to queue with more than 5 people. 5 people hardly make a difference in those BGs.
05/01/2013 11:14 AMPosted by Rauri

They are for both.

Not in 5.3. No more gear, no more honor grind. So why not go back to letting full premades play reg bgs?

They're not removing honor gear in 5.3

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