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Moon Guard
Main Focus/Purpose: The guild will be intended as something of an underground. Think cage fights/pit bull fighting ... hell, think Mafia in Azeroth. Utilizing both IC combat and pet battles. Players can place bets on either side of the competitors. Debts are to be created for the purpose of keeping the "business" going. For example: X and Y are fighting. B places 10k on Y winning, but Y loses. B, not having the money, will start working for us to pay off his debt. This can extend onto other characters, if they choose to get involved, they too can get help off B's debt.

IC Cover Story: The IC cover-up of their operations would be some type of shipping service. Imports/Exports; to which D&D styled events can be used to create plots having to do with intercepting pirates or even simply stealing cargo from their competition. This can also be done as NON-criminal activity. Such as recovering/supplying things to other people/guilds, should we find contacts.

HQ: The base of operations would be in two places, their cover-up stories would happen in the shipyard/ships of any sort/docks where the actual underground activity would be in the center of the tram area. We can have bouncers that are designated to keep out people who are not invited. In these events we would have our fighters(pet and people), gamblers(people making the bets), etc.

Policies: When dealing with debts from other characters both inside and outside of the guild, there is potential to have people hunted down, captured. But as a guild our rule will be that the killing or maiming of any character is frowned upon. "Debts" themselves are decided between the players involved. In no way, shape, or form, would it be expected for people to alter their characters in order to keep the story going. My intention for this guild would be to have people who WANT to be in this type of story, to be able to create personal storylines with us.

As far as pet battles are concerned, players will have to have their characters pets at similar levels. I intend on having brackets similar to BG: pets will be separated to categories based on their level and people will fight them accordingly. I.E No level 25 pets will be fighting level 8 pets. (Unless it's on purpose, "cheating" in-character).

People battles("cage fighting") will be freeform, however players involved will be told prior that if one of my officers believes the fight is getting out of hand (whether this is ICly someone's going to die, or OOC bickering) we have this right to exercise an intervention.
All money debts in this guild are RP currency. No actual gold or items will be traded or taken, for this would break the gambling policy. Possibility to use GHI, but I'm wary since I know this add-on is unstable for lot a of people.

IC Naming Policy: Characters in the guild will have up to three names, essentially. One of them is a nickname (designated or chosen, the player's choice), their actual character's name, and if they like to have a separate name for their "civilian" cover, they can have that. The only name that will be required is the nickname, simply because when doing the underground stuff ICly they obviously don't want people knowing who they really are.

Name of said guild is pending. Not sure if we're going to reuse our original name <Crows of a Murder> or go to something else.

Plenty of room to revise/expand on all these ideas, with the right people and right ideas. I would love to hear feedback as long as it's constructive.
Sounds like a good and solid, fun, interactive RP guild in the making. Keep up the work.
This guilds name seems quite familiar, did you all use to hang out within the Dwarven District of Stormwind?
Yes sir. In the Golden Keg.
Thought so, I recall harassing the Guild Master IC on my Death Knight back when I was on Alliance. I remember you all left the server somewhere during early Cataclysm.
I'm going to ask that you keep my thread about my original post and not about the history of myself or my guild members. Thank you.
Looks like an awesome idea! Happy to see the Crows back again. ^.^
Apologies, Arasinyia. I recall you enjoyed the RP we had, and thus I didn't think remembering old times would bother you. If that is, you're still the Mage I IC tormented. I admit my ability to remember names is poor lol.

As for the current post, it's interesting to see you include pet-battles in RP, I haven't seen that done though I don't actively search for it.
reminds me of the hunter move.

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