Did WoW Kill Dungeons and Dragons?

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You whipper snappers, World of Greyhawk is all I play.
No, 4e did actually suck.

3.5 marks the last expansion of true story writing requirements from the DM. True, the games are more accessible, and people still write good campaigns, but before 4e, you had no choice but to be entirely creative yourself.

I've yet to play Pathfinder, but I've heard many good things. Hopefully for the better.
Heh reminds me of my favourite parody comic. Order of the stick.

He uses 3.5 rules in it... but in one of his published books, he has a short story on the team meeting the 4th Ed counterparts.

Was amazing...

4th ed sucks. I will always be a 3.5 person for D&D.. hell I'd rather use Thac0 than 4th ed mechanics.
And what of video games? AD&D, Second Edition, Third Edition, Three-point-Five... all of them had enormously popular titles with them. From Pools of Radiance to the superb Baldur's Gate series, Neverwinter Nights, Temple of Elemental Evil, Eye of the Beholder and so on.What games came out for the fourth edition playset?Nothing. Not even the online-only DDO which ran concurrently with fourth edition. They even made that a bastardized version of 3.5.

Have to agree this has been a disappointing aspect of 4e as well, though to be fair the big 4e based title "Neverwinter" has yet to be released. So I'm withholding judgement til it comes out this summer. But they certainly could have done more. They brought back both the Dark Sun and Gamma World settings, either one of which could have made for a decent video game.
you can play Neverwinter now!

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