Best Horde Race Monk PvP?

Hey there! I am looking to level a Monk on the Horde side, and was wondering what my best option would be race wise for Monk PvP? My main spec will probably be WW but I plan on eventually learning MW as well overtime. I notice most Horde WW's are Orc and most Horde MW's are UD.

TL;DR: Which Horde race would be best for both specs (WW + MW) in PvP? Thank you!
1.) WoF is very helpful! Being able to break a fear is sweet
2.) Touch of the grave procs a ton for me, especially while leveling.
3.) Undead look sexy on a cloud ;)

I have two undead characters though, so my opinion is bias lol go for whatever is aesthetically pleasing to you. Orc's stun resist is a pretty good ability too, as a main rogue I cringe when I see them in an arena.
WW - Orc for sure, stun reduction and enrage whatevery dps class wants
MW- Undead is the best right now for fear break, but this might change in 5.3 when they get nimble brew. Stun reduction doesn't really help monk because of dematerialize. In general Orc and Undead are the best pvp horde races. for serious pvpers who heal, shaman all go orc, priests all go undead. druid and paladin can't be either, monk gets to choose.
Well the orc stun reduction is still useful as a MW, especially in combination with the stun reduction meta gem since it means less time sitting in a HoJ/Kidney/Asphyx/etc. However, I'll agree that at the moment Undead is the best option for a MW. The extra fear break overall is probably more useful than a second shaved off of a stun since MWs don't really get trained down in stuns anyways.

Even in 5.3 when MW get nimble brew, Undead will probably still be the best for MW since you'd have double fear breaks in addition to a trinket.

You could go Tauren just for the awesome-ness of being a Tauren monk. Warstomp is still a very strong ability as a healer. But if you're strictly looking for the absolute best race:

MW - Undead
WW - Orc
Thank you for the responses. I realize that Orc is better for WW and UD is better for MW, but what is best for DUAL spec? Primary being WW and secondary being MW.
Anyone else?
OH well for Dual Spec it's Troll.......
I like my BE silence to kill that low health healer with a good old silence chain combo...
Def forsaken for pvp.
Much as I enjoy the extra interrupt and casually throwing myself off cliffs, I have to go with the forsaken on this one.
Their racials are the only ones that fit both specs. (assuming you arnt using Xuen for MW pvp).

I'm sure you can find a suitable transmog so you dont have to look at your zombie grossness...
most def forsaken are best for both worlds.
Yea, don't roll pandaren if you want good pvp action, it wont work out
holy 2013 batman

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