[A] Casual Guild Recruiting for 1 weekly raid

Hey everyone,

Our guild <The Judges> runs Wednesday night's 6 server to 9 server. We are looking for DPS and a DPS/Healer combo.

Everyone is welcome, alts from other guilds, new players, anyone committed to progressing with the group is what we're looking for. We will take the time to gear up and help anyone who wants to be part of the team. The #1 thing is just to have someone who is okay raiding once a week but who can commit to coming week in and week out. We're a solid group but sometimes struggle to find people who fit.

We're relaxed and good-natured players and looking for like minded people who enjoy clearing the content at a more relaxed pace. Please send a tell in game to Holyaegis, Varayan, or Ironleaf.

All the best,

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