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Hi! I am transferring to the Thrall server and am looking for a guild to call home. I am looking for the following:

*Adult guild - Family/Friendly guild; very active folks who enjoy playing the game amongst friends.
*Raiding - I am looking for a casual but fun environment while getting the job done. I have done "hardcore" raiding before, and have no desire to now. I enjoy raiding, and having fun while doing so. In other words no drama, yelling etc. Just some good fun. My availability is Saturday-Sunday (Anytime); M-Thursday (6pm-11pm); Friday (6pm-midnight).
*Transmog & Old School Run(s) - Yep...love to do them!

I currently have 4/6 MSV; 4/6 HoF and of course 1 boss down in ToT. Those kills come from this toon and my shaman whom I generally heal on.

I'd love to hear from folks, who may be interested, and thanks in advance for any that take the time to respond! Talk to you soon!
Obsidian Spur is always welcoming new players to join. We have been around since launch and transfered to Thrall from Sargeras at the start of MoP. We are a casual guild that has two 10 man raid groups, both progressing through ToT, and we do plenty of other things in this game and other games.

Find me with Battletag Decado#1287 if you want to talk more.

See my post from these forums for more details: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/8704170979
Hey there Raveena, we just came to this server a couple weeks ago and are looking for solid raiders and fun players to join our guild, we are active and always running content, we also have a weird sense of humour haha. Look us up if youa re interested in joining up, look for myself or any officer in guild.

My Little Pwnie is a transfer from Garona to Thrall looking for new blood to join our raids.
Our core is intact as we agreed to leave a dead server to join a more lively one.

Currently we are

6/6 MSV
6/6 HoF
3/4 toe (elite protectors)
1/12 ToT

Mostly need dps, can use a warlock, boomkin and a death knight, of course we will look into all applicants.

We have an easy raid week,

Tuesday 8-11 est
Wednesday 8-11est
Sunday 8-11 est and looking to open up Wednesdays for progression

If you are looking for a casual raiding guild with some great people to enjoy the game you won't be disappointed.

Look for Dilaec, Grohagnar, tokeinfury or Oberheuser in game for more information.

More or less we are right in the area of your progression this expac and would love to get you through the rest and clearing ToT
Hi Räveena,

We fit most of your criteria. We raid Mon, Wed and Fri from 6pm - 9pm PST. If that works for you then please read our codex at www.div9.us for more information about us. The codex should give you very good idea of our play style and the kind of people we are.

Thanks for your time
BattleTag: Fallenjack#1991

The Chosen [H] is an all adult guild. We are a community of adult gamers that has guilds in multiple games including Rift, SWToR, WoW, Defiance, and plans for Elder Scrolls. We raid M, W, Th 8:30-11pm est. We are 16/16 in 5.1 content and 3/12 in ToT and are seeking raiders for a 2nd 10m team. We are in need of 2 heals and 3 dps for that 2nd team and plan for both teams to be progression teams so that we can come together once weekly for 25m. We do older stuff on Sundays for achieves and transmog runs. I'd love to talk to you further and see if we fit your needs. You can look me up in game or you can add my btag Turtle#1235. I swap toons frequently so the btag may work better. I have a personal vent where we can chat and have questions answered if that works better for you. Look forward to hearing from you. You can also check us out at thechosenguild.net


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