The "Thanks for the RP!" Thread

World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
Meet someone while you were down at the Blue Recluse who you liked to listen to? Came across an adventurer out in the woods and struck up a lengthy conversation? Simply had a great time RPing with someone?

The purpose of this thread is to thank those people that you've RPed with, and had fun doing so! Whether it was the most random of encounters or a you've been friends for years, don't hesitate to let them know about your gratitude!
To many to list D:
Thanks to the Earthen Ring monk whose name I forget offhand for putting spiders on my prissy belf boys. It was a great excuse to have them freak out and be stupid. "It's in my hair! Get it off! Get it off!"
Thank you to all the roleplayers I ever interacted with in game and inspired me to do more than just tag along in roleplay.

They include Gentyl, Hrookzin and Greeggor of Cenarion Circle, No, Jalalaleel, Ujanda, Vodral, Alexander, Roshanar, Jehotay, Lottee, Saraquael and Talash of Thorium Brotherhood.

Thank you to all of those players I chatted with out of character on their various forums, who were just wonderful to bounce ideas off of.
They include Felya of Feathermoon, Rajuul of Argent Dawn and Ryleen, Vypra, and Snicka of Scarshield Legion (EU).

There are many, many, many more that I could name, but it would take up far too much space. They know themselves.

Thank you from the bottom of my bare Troll feet to the tip top of my now sadly bald head and beautiful ears. You made me a better roleplayer and am proud to have been able to call you friend at one point or another.

- Trinda (ThoBro - deceased)
- Mellodi (ThoBro - active)
- Woz (WrA - active)
Many, many thanks to my old guild of the Holy Codex from years ago. Thanks to Erenann and Skathi, and the others whose names I no longer remember.

Thanks to that friendly mage who offered (and gave) my pandaren a ride from Goldshire to the Westbrook Garrison in his motorcycle, and spoke with him on the way.

Most recent thanks to The Dusk Guard for some good RP, and for welcoming me into the guild.
My everlasting thanks to Karamia for taking me under her wing, and helping me to be a better RPer. You are still and will always be the best in my book!

To Kel'tira, for allowing me to expand on what Karamia taught me, and all the many RPing moments we have shared. You are amazing, and a good friend.

To the Rising Sun Fellowship on CC. The time I have spent here has surpassed anything else I experienced in WoW. You made the game exciting, new, and even better than I imagined.

Thank you - Auxilla, Solorin, Ratheron, Shadow, and so many more. I consider you all friends and RPing comrades. Thank you all so very much!
I want to thank all the forum rpers who got me into creating such glorious stories I had to bring some into game. I think the wonderful rpers on Farstriders who helped me get started rping and making some sense of a character I still rp to this day.

I love all the great rpers on Cenarion Circle who introduced me to the world of the Ocheliad. I have way too many alts on different servers, but my main focus is CC and some on Moonguard.

I want to thank the rpers on Moonguard for the entertainment of watching some great rp. And no not in Goldshire.

I did want to mention one incident that had me laughing until I cried tears. On this character in Hellfire Peninsula I was flying above the Citadel. A very bold human paladin flew up and attempted to flirt with Alviira. For some odd reason, he dismounted his flyer and fell to the ground. Of course he bubbled right away and landed safely, but he was suddenly surrounded by piggies and spent about 5 minutes fighting them off.

I could not stop laughing for at least the time it took for him to clear up all the mobs. Thanks brother, it was fun to see the gallantry anyway.

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