HELP!! Characters not showing up on screen?!

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I've never had this proble before.. but for some reason when i log, i can see plenty of people spamming trade chat when im in a major city, however there is not a single person or even NPC on my screen.

Why is this happening? how do i fix this?
Best you ask in Tech Support, they can better help you there.
I'm trying to think of a quest that phases you out like that, Like Battle for Undercity. But I can't think of one that phases you out from multiple trade cities. Good luck in Tech Support.

It sounds like a phasing issue to me too. If you create a new level 1 character, when it enters the game are you able to see the NPCs and other characters around you?

If you are, I'd have to suggest asking a GM for help in determining if your main character is phased differently due to a quest you're on. You'd need to submit a support ticket for that.

This article will lead you through the process.

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