Minor glyph for warlocks Nercomancer.

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Okay so I hear many people wanted necromancer over DK but Blizzard only made one of them because there is way more stuff they needed to focus on. But a friend of mine pitched me an idea how Blizzard could make it so one could be a necromancer without Blizzard having to make an entirely new class! What if Blizzard made a minor glyph that one made all your demonic minions a undead minion version of it. Same ablities with minor cosmetic changes and all that. Secondly when the warlock applies the minor glyph he also gets the blue lichfire eyes and possbly a more grim deathly look on his skin along with metamorpsis temporaly transforming you into a lich rather than a demon. I mean yes its alot of work but its better than making an entirely new class sense other than the ablities I just listed warlocks and necromancers use the same type of spells in combat.
Honestly, if they ever did something like this, I get the feeling it'd be more akin to, say, the green fire quests.
Wouldn't it make more sense to give this to death knights? A glyph similar to the Demon Hunter glyph for Warlocks that turns the DK into a ranged caster.
Not necessarily, Zeebu. Warlocks are cloth-wearing casters that summon demons. Necromancers are cloth-wearing casters that raise the dead. Death Knights are plate-wearing melee-casters that have minor control over the Undead. The glyph itself would be completely cosmetic, as well - as such, an argument that "Warlocks use Fel magic!" is invalid here. It'd essentially make the Warlock -NOT- a Warlock, but a Necromancer. Change spell names and tooltips, as well as re-skin things. Nothing more or less, really.

Edit: Examples:
- Shadow Bolt --> Plague Bolt.
- Curse of Agony --> Necrosis (or something).

They'd have the exact same SP scaling and everything, just the name and tooltip would be different, as well as possibly having a different visual effect
I see very little, if any difference between a Lock and a Necro. Make a glygh that changes Lock demons skin to undead skin and you have a Necro.
Lore wise... using the warlock class to do this is even more appropriate since there is a fair amount of evidence that Necromancy started as a demonic experiment. I believe it was the Dreadlords that started experimenting with animating corspes... and it was Kil'jaeden who turned Ner'zhul into the original Lich King. Additionally, many of the Necromancers who served the Scourge were originally Warlocks.

Thus it seems very appropriate that a Warlock glyph could be used to give them the cosmetic look of a Necromancer (very appropriate for Affliction Warlocks).
I would make a warlock if this happened.

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