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I first encountered problems with this driver in early April. I have automatic updates turned on and it has been plaguing me since (not every day but more than half) (I am running Win 7 Pro 64 Bit) When I shutdown at night the system installs the updated driver and when I log into the game, I am lucky if move more than 3 steps before it locks up. I have to use the Systray tab to exit and shut the game down and the roll the Nvidia driver back to dated 10/20/12 Nvidia does not seem to believe that the problem is in the driver but rather in the WoW Program.

Have we determined that the problem is with blizzard and is a solution being worked on.

In the interim, is there a way to prevent NVidia updates without shutting off all automatic updates?
Mykinglion ,

Not seeing a crash log makes it difficult to provide any real troubleshooting, but I wouldn't expect the drivers you're listing to be causing any problems. They're not the latest but they're also not known to be problematic.

You might be experiencing a problem we've seen crop up lately. If you're currently using DirectX 11 in-game, try setting it to use DirectX 9 instead. You can do that in the Launcher under Options > Game Preferences.

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I have shut off automatic updates so it should not happen. It may not be the sole cause but in at least 20 of 20 cases (possibly up to as many as 30) rolling back the driver has cured the problem and it does not occur again until a shutdown with updates and every time except once the Jan 18 driver was installed. In the one instance in which the driver shown was the Oct 2 driver. the cure was to update the driver and then roll it back that was yesterday and I have not have any trouble since the roll back.

I will probably try using DX9 but I believe that there was a WOW problem for 64 bit users which was solved by going to DX11.
04/29/2013 09:58 PMPosted by Mykinglion
I will probably try using DX9

You may well have to, win 7 64bit user until recently....switched to 8. I had this problem myself but switching to DX9 resolved it, but I still got the issue every now and then which was annoying and each update from nvidia would just make it worse.

I finally did a clean install of the nvidia driver, removing any traces of the old drivers. This worked and I could finally use DX 11 but I did not have any more issues.

I switched to win 8 and now I have no issues with the same setup and nvidia card and drivers.

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