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How long must my wow sub be inactive before my names are up for grabs, i do not wish to lose them as i wish to re-sub soon on my other account. I especially do not wish to lose the name of my warlock, Veneficus, as it is Latin for warlock and it is awesome. :)
Blizzard does not release the exact criteria for freeing up a name, beyond making is clear that if your account has an active subscription, your names will not be changed.
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The only information we have is the support article -

There is speculation, however nothing is public as to the exact criteria that is used to make the determination.
Awe, no exact info? Well, thanks anyway. :)
loosing a name would suck because you would usely have to type heaps of names before you find an unused one
I have seen active accounts lose names before, but only if they were level 1's that were created but never logged in.

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