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Hello all,

Are rets viable in pvp? I love holy paladin in PvE, but I want to dps in pvp. How are rets doing these days?

I currently have 3 85's, a Druid, Paladin, and a Mage. And am leveling a Monk as well.

I want to be a viable healer in raids, and I would like to have a dps offspec to pvp in. Which class would you recommend?

Thank you
If you want to dps a lot in pvp... mage. Ret is fine in pvp, just not all about dps, you have a lot of abilities that are not dps and you need to make use of them either on yourself or on others around you.

Play whatever toon you find the most fun, otherwise its just work.
Ret can be fun in pvp, but you can't play it like other DPS specs. You kind of have to play more like a healer, constantly running around and kiting away from people hitting you, throwing out flash heals, wogs, and other support tools to the people fighting around you. However, if you aren't being focused you can go to town and smash some faces in, especially if your cooldowns are up.

You really just have to play defensively most of the time and try to stay with other people, not that ret cant do well solo. It's just a spec better suited to be around another person. Don't take my word for it though, Im pretty casual about wow in general, but give it a try for yourself and you may find that you have a lot of fun with it.
Here's a link to another thread i answered the HOLY pvp question.

I've heard rumors from people on ptr that ret is a LOLIWIN right now with the current 5.3 build, things like rets solo ganking fc's with two healers spamming. Pretty sure it's not going live like that but it sounds quite OP atm.

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