511 rdruid & 511 fdk LF raiding team.

Hi there,

I am a 521 rdruid & coming with me is a 522 fdk. We come as a pair, so if there isn't room for both, we will kindly decline (thanks for thinking about either of us though!).

We are both currently 8/12 (with a Lei Shen kill) Normal ToT, but have experience with the other fights further along in the instance. We are looking for an evening raid team, that may eventually turn into guild membership should we feel a proper fit with both the team, ourselves, and of course the guild (on both ends). Days and times are negotiable.

We are both experienced raiders, and wow'ers (lol made up word hehe) and enjoy a good, friendly environment. As you can tell I haven't really specified if we are aiming for a 10 man or 25 man, we are open to both, and we are looking to progress.

If you, or your guild/raid team is interested, please feel free to post in this thread or add me to battle.net through Cris#1180.

Thanks for your time :)
If you are interested my guild is looking for a few members to make the jump to 25 mans. We raid tues, wed, thurs 10pm - 1am server, our current progression is only 3/12 though but let me know if your are interested
Those times are definitely way to late for us, since we live on the east coast. Thanks though!
Ive added you on RiD. Give me a hoot when you get it :)

Sounds perfect for what I have planned though.
Kitchenwoman and I are still looking for a guild to call home. all the above information is still accurate. We did however get more gear, she is now 513 ilvl and I am 516 ilvl.

If we would fit in, please contact us here, or in game. Thanks!!
What he said ^ :>
Still looking!
Druid is still looking!
Hey there. We are building a 25 man right now. Our 10 man has managed to get 12/12 in 2 weeks as a guild and are currently merging with a partial 10 man group that had accomplished the same.

We are in need of a few more players to get it off the ground however.

Raid times are 7-10 server on Tuesday thru Thursday. If interested, add me on RiD.

Druid is still looking!

What?? What happened to the package deal thing?

Pfft...friends these days. Can't trust a DK.
Certain things appeal more to other people :P
If you're still looking, check us out. 25m and raid 7 - 11 EST. Currently 4/13H

Times are too early, thanks for the consideration though!
Still looking, however we are both 521 now.

Looking for a great reliable raiding team, that we can devote time and maybe even forge friendships with :)

Possibly bringing a hunter with us, but that is not guaranteed.

Thanks a lot!
Still looking!! We bring a lot of personality!

Someone adopt us -puppy dog face- :<
Hello, my guild Symbiosis (25m) raids 7:30-10:30 server Tues/Thurs/Sun and are currently recruiting! We're long standing guild who is currently 8/12 in ToT. I would absolutely love to talk to you about joining our guild as a pair!

Feel free to add me on battle.net winkitty#1372
So sorry I missed you last night! I'm going to be on the rest of the day so we'll chat soon hopefully!

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