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It started several years ago. The dreams, haunting her sleep. making her restless. Some of them strange and some very clear. She noticed a few seemed to have a prophetic feel to them. When she dreamed of finding a lute in an old ruin, she went in search of it.

It took her ten long years, dreams occasionally giving her clues. Finally in the basement of a manor house long abandoned and almost falling apart with age, she found it. The old chest had contained many things she found interesting. An amulet with a pale blue stone encased in a silvery metal that was not silver. A long hooded cloak of white silk trimmed in silver and blue embroidery. A short staff of oak that felt enchanted in her hands as if it gave her courage and inner peace.

And in the bottom of the chest in a well constructed case was the lute. It was made of a beautiful cherry wood. The strings were actually in good shape. Metal with a soft sheen to them as if they were oiled.

She had no idea how to play it. Finding an instructor would be a good idea. But where would she look? Sighing in frustration she put it back in the case and threw the beautiful cloak over her shoulders and the amulet around her neck.

Suddenly the thoughts coming into her head made it spin in confusion. She looked around, frightened of what she might have disturbed. A sibilant sound of cloth being dragged across the floor made her turn to the window. A voice of infinite sorrow floated into her mind.

"So you have found it. The Lute of Foretelling it is called. It will teach you to play, and it will give you songs to sing. The words are prophetic if you have the talent to decipher them. Often in riddles and sometimes misleading." the voice came from everywhere and yet she did not see anyone in the room with her.

"Who is there? Show yourself! I mean you no harm...I dreamed of this for ten long years...did to me then?" her voice going from fear to wonder. She spun around as she heard a soft sigh behind her. The shimmering form of a woman floated above the floor.

"Of course you do not...the Lute seeks those with strong hearts and minds. Those of honor and intelligence. A good bit of common sense is good as well. It might have called you...I am sure it was intended for you to find it. Now what will you do with it?" the form of the woman seemed reluctant to stay long, it flickered in and out of sight.

"I...I don't know. What am I supposed to do with it?" her voice curious and bolder now. She did not fear the spirit. Her hands went to the amulet around her neck and her fingers closed over the blue stone.

"Play the lute...listen to your heart. See what happens. Be careful though. The ability to foretell the future will attract the wrong kind of people. Sometimes it is better to remain silent and not sing...merely play the lute. See what happens. Light be with you child..." and the spirit dissolved into nothing.
(OOC) So this is an idea I have had floating in my mind for some time. I want to take it in game. But it will depend on several things. The suspension of belief being the biggest one. There are people who have dreams that happen. It has never been proven because the ability, called precognition is not provable. Scientific reasoning says it cannot be possible, therefore people do not believe it happens.

But it does happen, it has happened to me. The trick is in believing in intuition. And the events foretold do not "have" to happen. If something changes before the event, if there is a shift in the knowledge of the event or the wrong people do things to make it worse or better. There are all kinds of variables and none are set in stone.

I want to make this priest a bard, and a fortune teller. This is not meant to foretell major events or even to stop lore from happening or even recording the events before they are announced. It is a series of small things. Personal stories of the ordinary people. Some of the heroes in this world are never heard about. Because no one is there to see their brave acts. I am willing to incorperate anyone's personal story if they wish.

A Bard can be simply a storyteller or an entertainer. The lute I am using is not always telling Hahnai what to do. Sometimes it will mislead her, sometimes confuse her and others.

I wish to use this forum rp to explore the options and creative ideas of others besides myself. Sign up a character you think may want to travel with Hahnai as she wanders the world of Azeroth. She will be seeking other entertainers, a few friends and maybe a mentor. It is conceivable she would join a traveling troupe.

I will let you the rpers guide her steps and her learning process. Be kind. She has a good heart and a willing and friendly nature.

The next few reserves are for a listing of participants. Anyone who wants to do this in game please get in touch with Hahnai by in game mail on Cenarion Circle.
Accepted characters so far. Feel free to come into and out of the thread as often as you wish. Real life takes precedence. Out of courtesy for others please exit your character if you will be gone for a number of days. A simple (insert name) has left the building/bar/area is fine. Leaving people waiting for a response when they ask a question or are obviously engaging you is sometimes unavoidable I know, but try and warn us if you have extended periods of absence.

1. Iviaen and Dalaen

2. Masayune and Teniya

3. (Jesuin) Jeremiah Stillblade

4. Birtali

5. Tukalzul

All right this will be the OOC thread. Will get up an IC as soon as I have a few people willing to do this . I am on late into the night and on Pacific time.
This is tempting, I'm very bad at forum RP, not sure how it works. But I actually have two characters (They're like the Turk and JD of magic) whose inherent curiosity and relentless quest for knowledge and trying to figure out how stuff works would make them follow.

I also have a background rping a tarotist (which I explained as a sort of faith mage, it works because the character thought it worked) in a non-wow based campaign and could possibly point you to some resources if you plan on doing rune/tarot readings. (I have a rune bag in game that randomly picks #1-24 and 1-2 to give a rune (or rune in opposition) for in game fortune telling and story direction advice. Had you on realid but you not there anymore, you can always scream at me in /join UnitedAD on my server if you are interested. I, too, am a crazy westcoast player.

Here's one of the duo.

Iviaen Brightblaze
Race: Sin'dorei
Age: Looks to be in the belfy equivalent of his 40s.

Physical Appearance:
A tall and lithe male blood elf mage looking to be in the human equivalent of his early 40s. He wears robes typical of a Blood Elf Magister. His white hair is loosely tied in a ponytail that rests on the left side of his chest. (Look ma, I'm a stereotype!)

Iviaen is an eccentric magetype with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and a sense of curiosity so strong that it sometimes overrides his common sense and gets him into trouble. He gets preoccupied with figuring out how stuff, especially relics and artifacts, work. He's usually rather quiet and bookish but can become social under the right circumstances and can occasionally be pestered to the point of playful fisticuffs, like fightclub for nerds (that don't lift anything but books).

Iviaen is from southern Quel'thalas, the area now known as Ghostlands. He originally found himself on the path to become a mage out of desire to defend the place he was raised in from Amani troll attacks.

Eventually he traveled to the capital to continue his studies and train to help in the second war. He did not complete his studies until the end of the second war and never saw any action. It was then that he became consumed with his quest for knowledge and continued his studies and instead of returning to defend his hometown he remained in the capital furthering his studies.

When Quel'thalas was attacked by the forces of the Scouge Iviaen was part of the defense of Silvermoon. He was almost killed, badly injured, and only survived by his sense of cunning and some dumb luck. He hastily cauterized his flesh wounds, encased ones cauterization couldn't handle in ice, and hid in a pile of corpses, feigning death, until other survivors happened by and helped him. Had they not found him when they did he would have died. He always wears long-sleeved robes, shirts, and long pants to hide his cauterization scars.

After everything returned to normal Iviaen resumed his endless quest for knowledge but his close run-in with death has made him loosen up and live a little. He might go out to a social establishment, have one too many drinks and do something stupid.

Iviaen fights with typical mage-type abilities and has basic knowledge of defensive staff use. He wears typical robes and staff one would expect from a Sin'dorei. He exerts himself when he casts and can only go so long without needing a big meal and rest, some may find the amount he eats alarming.

He supports himself and his monstrous appetite by taking jewelry made by others and putting minor enchantments on them. He may be seen peddling his wares if he is short on cash.

He has the ability to, given enough time, break spells that seal things, such as magically sealed books or doors.

I think that's it.
That is a very good background and interesting, Iviaen. I would like to make this a leisurely forum rp. If things work out well I can consider taking the character in game. This is basically to flesh out the character and explore the nuances.

I have never had any characters on Argent Dawn. I hope you are not confusing me with someone else? I have heard the rp community there is very small and exclusive, correct me if I misheard it.
That's fine. I'm one of those people that actually enjoys playing background/support characters.

(AD is small, and hordeside it's mostly done in guilds to avoid trolls. Ally side is extremely inclusive, anyone can join the channel and hop into play when someone is doing stuff. A portion of our rpers took free transfers to the 'rp haven' of Wyrmrest Accord, but this is both negative and positive as that included a majority of our bads.)
Sounds like this could be a lot of fun, love to join you like maybe some kind of traveling guard with you. still really new to rp'ing though.
Does not matter to me if you are new to rp as long as you are willing to learn.

Look up some lore on Blood elves and fashion a simple backstory for your warrior. Here is a nice place to start.

Then decide on a basic personality for your character. Is she bold and fearless on the battlefield but shy in social settings? Does she love to talk or is she quiet and introspective? All these things will have to be consistent once you start rping your character.

Then you can also get some add ons like MyRolePlay from curse. It lets you set up some basic descriptions, add a last name and some flags that show you as a rper. Of course that is only helpful in game.

The rest of it is part of the forum rp etiquette you can find at the top of the forums under forum rp guide.
Hmm...sure why not give it a try.

Masayume Moonshadow "Masa"
Race: Kal'dorei
Age: 698
Class Druid, Restoration
*Note, she is not a member of the Alliance, but a member of the Cenarion Circle*

Physical Appearance

Masayume has a pale blue complexion, and is smooth and unblimished. She is adorned with hand crafted armor she made from trees in Moonglade. She is always accompanied by one of her various critters, usually her fawn.


She is quite around strangers, but energetic and very talkative once she makes friends with someone, Whenever she is called into battle she stays in the back-lines, tending the wounded with her druidic healing abilities.


When Masayume was in her youth she enjoyed venturing out into the wilderness and finding many small (and some large) creatures that she befriended, It was all to common that she would bring any injured ones back to her home, and soon her house was packed with animals from squirrels and rabbits, to nightsabers and wolves.

Her Mother, a Sentinel, started loosing her patience with their home becoming a barn, but she did not want to stop Masayume from pursuing her love for animals, and attempts for becoming a healer, So she sent Masayume off to live with her uncle, to learn the ways of the druid, Her training on the outside had to be expedited, because her uncle had to return to hibernation, so he taught her the basics of entering the Emerald Dream.

Once her training on how The Dream worked was finished, her uncle sung a song to her until she fell into her hibernation, she often sings the song herself now days. Once she was asleep her uncle layed in the bed next to her and rejoined her within the Emerald Dream, where he continued her training.

Masayume spent close to six hundred years inside the Emerald Dream, Much shorter then her male counterparts, and even though her uncle out her through even more strenuous training then the other druids in order to catch her up to their level, she was still far behind when the Great Awakening occurred.

After the third war ended Masayume took a bit of time off and moved to Darnassus where she became good friends with a young Sentinel named Synrae whom she treats like a little sister, going out of her way to help her, but never missing a chance at playfully teasing her.

Now days she does her best to answer her calling, and still continues her training when her time allows, She may not be as powerful as the other druids, but her determination and love for nature is ever pushing her forward.

Masayume still surrounds herself in woodland creatures like she loved to do as a child, Her "Circle of Friends" includes critters and beast from all over Azoeroth, and she always has at least one of them with her at all times. Her adventures in Hyjal led her to meeting the Dryad Mylune, the two where quick to become friends, bonding over the same love for animals, Masayume visits Hyjal often, taking a pack of critters with her to spend time with Mylune.


Teniya Woodsong "Ten"
Race: Kal'dorei
Age: 11760
Class Warrior, Protection
*Note, she is not a member of the Alliance, but a member of the Cenarion Circle*

Name: Teniya Woodsong

Ten is tall and strong, wearing full plate armor and wielding a massive battle axe, and green shield with a tree painted on it and she proudly wears the tabard of the Cenarion Circle. If one was to see her without her armor on, she has many large jagged scars on her chest, that she proudly refers to as her "battle trophies".

Teniya though she is kind and helps others, she often boast about her fighting prowess, she originally joined the Cenarion Circle to protect the druids during their slumber in Moonglade, but with their awakening she prefers traveling with them as apposed to guard duty. Ten is somewhat eccentric and rambunctious, sometimes causing a bad situation to thicken, She is very blunt and tends to flat out say whatever is on her mind.

Teniya uses the number "10" to mark her belongings and signing papers as opposed to witting her name fully out,

She never gets anyone's name right, no matter how many times someone reminds her what it is. Most her friends have given up and just respon to her when she says anything vaugly sounding like their name.

Very energetic, eccentric, and blunt, she never holds back on saying what is on her mind, and subtly hinting at it...not her style.

Teniya is very competitive, often challenging others to sparing matches, especially Darnassian Sentinels.
Oh skills on abilities...

-Specializes in nature healing, tending to use her forms for last resort, hasty retreats. She can fight in her cat form if she is forced to, but not all that well.

-Fights with her battle-ax and shield, she loves using flashy attacks that show off her brute force, She is very skilled, but her ego causes her to be reckless.
deleted..somehow double posted
As long as you remember you are neutral as a member of the Cenarion Circle I can accept that for forum rp. I think I will have us opening this in a neutral tavern somewhere. That way we can keep it pretty loose structured and open.

The best place I can think of is Booty Bay. As a traveling Bard, Hahnai will be singing in the tavern for tips. She does not drink anything but fruit drinks and anything non alcoholic. I will be telling more of her story as we go along, so it is not an all at once super long post.
As long as you remember you are neutral as a member of the Cenarion Circle I can accept that for forum rp. I think I will have us opening this in a neutral tavern somewhere. That way we can keep it pretty loose structured and open.

I'm already used to that, since I highly stress that I am not Alliance when I am on Ten and Masa both in game, but Cenarion Circle, fully neutral :)
((I'm a bit on the fence about this one. It seems as if it could be fun, but sadly I don't have any "neutral" characters per faction in a sense, though I do have plenty of neutral characters that are with the Alliance, in the idea they're not outright hostile with the horde.))
I'm with Jesuin, I don't have any truly neutral characters. They're either all horde or all alliance loyal, they are cautious around someone of the other faction until that person proves trustworthy.

(BTW Jesuin, I think I've seen your name before)
Well, this character was originally Jere of Wyrmrest Accord, and further back, Jeremiahh of Scarlet Crusade. I was in need of a name when I bounced to Stormrage, so I just picked up a char name I remember from the old forums, and I guess the original Jesuin, who I think was a Darkranger, was the one I remembered the most.
In a neutral bar like the Salty Sailor, it does not matter if you are Horde or Alliance. If you attack you get the goblin bouncers all over your case. Besides this is forum rp and all you have to do is write up a basic character sheet and join in the fun.

In game it would be different because you cannot actually speak to each other across faction lines.

So it does not matter if you are Horde or Alliance you can join the thread. All I ask is you be civil to each other and keep in character. So let me know what your character is like. Name, description and personality. I ask that you post on the gender and the name you choose to avoid confusion.

Thanks for the interest!
okay then, let me go ahead and get started then.

Name. Jeremiah "Jere" Stillblade
Race. Human
Sex. Male
class. Protection Paladin
Profession. Engineer.

Looks. Jere is about in his early twenties, if not late teens. He's tall, but fairly lean as well, finding it better to be able to avoid damage, along with blocking it, rather then just taking the hit on the chin. He has keep dark green eyes, and he is proud of his well he keeps his raven black hair clean and cut.

Personality. Jere is not a social animal, and has never been. He prefers a single confidant, rather then large groups of people. When he gets on task, or finds something that he enjoys doing, he'll become a master quite quickly at it.

History. Jere was the son of farmers out on the rolling fields of Westfall for the longest time. He was disciplined in the art of farming, and keeping the vermin away from the chicken coop. His parents had little interest in the war, and focused more on producing food for the family, and the other neighboring farmsteads.

Jere was thirteen when he met his first orc. He was protecting the chicken coop and had taken aim at a large, scraggly looking coyote. It was much to his horror, after shooting the beast, that it became a walking green mass of human slaying anger. He managed to kill the shaman with a bullet to the heart, but it terrified the young, previously oblivious human.

He ran from home, fearing what the world would bring down on his head. He discovered Elwynn, and then Stormwind itself. He was taken in by the church, cleaned up and given a meal. It was here that he learned about the idea of the Light, and how it binds everything. It was a brilliant idea, the thought of putting goodness out into the world to have it come back to him, and the ability to great things, if one puts their mind to it. He spent the night reading though the holy books, along with the history of the world.

When he returned home, escorted by one of the priests of the church, Jere's parents were furious. However, The priest recognized Tobias Stillblade, Jaden's father, as a former member of the Order of the Northshire Clerics, turned Paladin of the Silver hand and his mother, a priestess. Tobias revealed to his son of his history with the church, and after having his shoulder shattered in battle, how he moved down south with his lover to start a new life.

It took the both of them a moment, but they finally let the young Jere Stillblade return to the Church of the holy light, to follow in his parents footsteps as a force of the Alliance.

Gear, devices, ect. Jere has long been a "Sword and Board", favoring the sword and shield over all other forms of weaponry. He has dabbled into firearms, mostly from being a crackshot when it came to Chicken defense. He keeps two sets of armor at home, one for show, the other for combat. His show armor is as all Paladin armor would normally be, red silver and gold, polished to a shine. His combat armor, however, is almost no flash and all about protection. ((So Teir 6 Lightbringer, and Teir 7 redemption.)) He never wears a helmet though, he hates not being able to see anything.


Star, Calico-cat
Star is a small calico kitten who has recently come into Jere's life as a constant companion. He is endeared to his cat, and would never let anything hurt her. That's not to say that she can't handle her own against the occasional squirrel or rabbit.

Three-line, fluxfire Feline
As an engineer, Jere sought to create the perfect companion for Star when he wasn't around. He had acquired the plans for the fabled gnomish "Fluxfire Feline", and with a few tweaks and improvements, he created the red colored Three-line

Ember, Cinder Kitten
As a practical joke at the hands of the Prodigal Pyromancer, Roland Garrison, He let loose the Cinder Kitten into the paladin's house, half expecting him to think that his precious Star had caught alight. Instead, however, the kitten found company with the calico and the mechano-cat.
Excellent Jere. I wish you were on Cenarion Circle, I think the Alliance community there is quite welcoming. Of course I have both sides, so if you ever decide to make an alt there let me know!

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