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Hello Dalaran,

I am a returning player working to switch my focus from Boomkin to healing. I am in search of a group of people that will work with me through some dungeons and heroics while I learn how to heal as I have never done so before. I know that this will take an extremely patient group of folks, but my goals are to be raiding by mid may as a healer with Balance off-spec. I take criticism well and have played off and on since vanilla. I have never healed, but want to take that step in my progression if anyone is willing to be patient with me and give me a chance to learn. The guild I am currently tagged in seems a shadow of their former self as I haven't seen a single person online I knew from before I quit playing just before 5.1. I am a high school teacher/football coach, so my playtime is anything that you would like it to be from Mid May until the first of August, so let me know if anyone is willing to help out. Also, feel free to point out flaws in my talent choices and what not, not sure where I was exactly when I quit. I may be a huge mess at this point lol. Open minded, mature player, willing to take constructive criticism and highly motivated to learn this and be great at it.
Your talent choices are actually ok for a beginner resto. I would recommend NS over Renewal, and macroing NS to RG or HT for a quick burst heal on someone. As far as glyphs go, RJ isn't very good because any time you'll have 3+ RJ up, you won't be casting nourish very often. I would recommend RG or a more situational glyph like one of the stampeding roar ones or Rebirth instead. Also, unless you're raid healing (which it doesn't look like you are), you won't see any bonus from glyph of WG, and even in a raid situation it is highly overrated by most druids.

Your main problem is your gear, which as I'm sure you know, is awful. I would spam run heroics until you can do LFR, as well as doing dailies for valor gear. Make sure to gem and enchant every new piece you get, it will go a long way. Once you have some half decent gear, reforging properly is the next step. Your priority is haste to 3043 > spirit > mastery > crit > haste over 3043. Additionally, I don't know how seriously you're looking to raid, but Mining isn't a raiding profession, you'll want to switch that to something else if you're looking to min/max.

As far as actual healing goes, keep LB on your tank at all times, generally refreshing it with Nourish or a clearcasting Regrowth. Use WG and RJ for periodic raid damage, and use ToL and Tranq for high raid damage periods. SM is also incredibly strong for the mana cost, and should be used on CD, preferably on a group of 3 or more people. Early on, the tricky part will be managing your mana, so use as few RJs as possible, and make sure to use your Innervate on CD whenever you're below 80% mana.

Check out http://elitistjerks.com/f73/t130799-resto_mists_pandaria_5_2_a/ for more detailed info, and feel free to add me ingame if you have any more questions.
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