Warsong Battalion betrays the Horde!!!

Emerald Dream
Warsong Battalion proves their dastardly and dishonorable ways by betraying their own in a most deplorable manner. Falling prey to an insidious plan by Clan Battlehammer to attempt to assassinate the Regent Lord of Quel'Thalas, Lor'themar Theron, the Battalion escorted one of our most devious dark agents, Captain Kabermags a nefarious priest of shadow magic, directly into the Regent's chamber UNDER THEIR PROTECTION. In what was clearly to be a suicide mission Captain Kabermags attempted to crush his mind with dark magic but the Regent resisted and slew our assassin on the spot. Captain Kabermags will be remembered with honor and distinction as a valuable asset in the war against the scum of the Horde.

Warsong Battalion shall wear the shame of their actions this day for eternity! King Varian Wrynn is considering medals for Warsong Battalion in appreciation of their efforts to slay the Regent Lord of Quel'Thalas.
I'm confused.
Might as well wear a blue tabard if yer lot is goin' te protect one of ours.. hooligans..
I was wondering why you guys abandoned your guildmate make perfect sense now.

I guess....
So what I got from this was that WSB sacrificed a CBH member to the blood elf king guy and you are just trying to make a post to explain why you didn't want to save him?

please correct me if I am wrong.
(( @Strucks...lol...exactly :) ))
((Hahahaha rhusty this is brilliant, well done good sir!))
I think Strucks is just jelly that CBH can use spin tactics to their advantage, too.
Oh how we knew th' Warsong Batallion was not loyal to th' Horde!

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