Burning legion ?

Burning Legion
is this serve just geting worse lol?
It dead.
It dead.
how can you tell with the cross realm.... all i see is illidan and quel'thalas
You can tell when there is not a single line in trade chat for 20 minutes.. that would imply that the server is dead.
yeah it's on life support right now. a lot of the raiders have transferred to more active servers.
Feels like people have been transferring off with the current sale too...
Man i love this server been on it since vannila its never been this dead got i hate it.
It's done, fellas. Get out while you still can.
And now... with virtual servers coming in 5.4, xfers seems to have been a short term bandaid. Time will tell, but it seems to me that they may have found a solution to keep the game alive. and Kudos to the business minds there who were savvy enough to make a 50% sale on all character services right before an announcement that was sure to diminish demand on the most used one.

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