I Overhauled Profession Ideas Take a Look

(stake a claim) To Stake a Claim you have to tap it, start the channel. For an instant tap interrupt i am thinking 5 -7 seconds possibly and slightly longer pending on how far you channelled. I.E full channel interrupt would yield 10 sec or so. If you cannot defeat the foe in that time i apologise but you were given more of an opportunity than before.

No there would be no cooldown but you could only Stake one claim because once you move beyond 5-7 yards or so claim becomes open and anyone can tap afterwards.

For skinning the claim would be once you loot it this counts for aoe looting. So yes for skinning as before if no one loots no one skins. To be fair no one can mine multiple ores in the area at once so no aoe skinning or herbing either.

(passives) I felt the passives on gathering professions specifically were just an incentive to give players not interested in professons a reason to get and level one. Make acquiring low - high level materials more accessible to those leveling. This is not at all related to any production or enhancing profession.

I agree miners are more involved with metalurgy and acquiring gems which is why i felt they could do this better. I made enchanting a enhancing profession and left the aquisition of raw material to gathering professions. I made a decompose gathering profession which would be a lot like disenchanting but it would yield all kinds of materials miners, skinners, herbalists and even chance for cloth depending on the type of gear or weapon decomposed. But with this profession you can break down food, white quality items such as fish, non-stat gear and even down to junk items.

Decomp grey junk items clear inventory from tiger teeth to gooey slime to whatever and set it into a stackable item so no more loaded bags with junk.

I will address all gathering profession to explain my reasoning. I want to give each of them a way to break down resources into 3 levels. The initial resource gain would be the important item required for production or enhancing profession of that nature.

For instance:
Leatherworkers use leathers primarily, but they will also require cloth metal and herbs kinds of resources to craft/enhance high level gear. They will not require as much metal cloth or herbs but they will need them as opposed to blacksmith which will need leather, cloth herbs but more of metals. When you upgrade or enhance your gear/weapons it will require a larger number of materials and plus some not too rare drops from dailies, scenarios, heroics, and even raid finder depending on which gear/enhance level you are going for.

*Note* ((At level 1-300 maybe higher, need to discuss more, you wont need multiple materials to level unless you are trying to upgrade or enchance the gear you have at low level. Also i figured there would be basic leveling items that requires just single components or you could level +5 as in cata and mists if you crafted more involved items))

(Production/Enhance Profession) Let me say this first you can still sell gear/weapons and enhancements which are the basic level. You cannot sell higher level items you discover crafting those items. For instance your initial craft is boe. Upon this craft you might discover a better version of crafting it which is bop.

Example( ill put stats only)you craft:
Priests garb(basic) priests garb 2 (level2) priest garb 3 (level 3)
int 200 260 315
spt 144 189 220
stm 320 401 575
(boe) (bop) (bop)
This example is for a production profession. Enhancements would be similar the difference is production is upgrading the raw gear whereas enhance improves the gear they have on in the same way. This way both profession in essence enchant their own gear the same way

There is was an option to upgrade your gear using valor however i feel this way is better as it utilizes a few old components as well as some new.

What makes the dagger, staff, off-hand, bow with powerful properties? Is it the hammer that smashes it or the profession that imbues their specific technique into it? Is it the leather grips, the cloth wrapped and strewn over the staff, is it the coalescing matter in the off hand, perhaps the masterful craftwork of the bowstring?
A car engine will go into many cars, its the car professional that will dictate how the engine will best suit their customer. Same for this, a blacksmith can craft a number of weapons but its the profession that best suits its use. Both LW and tailor should use dagger and sword to craft it for their use as well i did not add that initially.

To answer a question before it arises, "Shouldn't they have to make a plain sword for that to happen?" No, that would require a lot of extra work and a low number of availability so requiring bars will support that notion.

Product engineering works as part of your gear spec implies( i.e priest, warlock, mage = cloth etc. ) offers same benefits as each the other 3 would (Bsmith, lw, Tailor) but the gear effects are more animated and have a different look. I now feel no item has engineering req. that is produced as boe.

(enhancing Profession) To keep on par with production profession enhancing is able to upgrade the same gear slots with enchant-like process i have called enhancing so whether you upgrade gear or enhance it you can always have the same equal bonuses

gear en1 en2 en3
int111 145 199 230
spt 145 199 230 289
stm 278 332 398 436

same as production but instead of actually upgrading the gear the enchant-like enhance the stats in the exact same manner using your enhance ability to boost rather than the raw gear skill to

(merging) This is why many people dont like my idea the merging of the two but the reasoning was they both utilize the same raw material to enhance their gear so either inscription merges or alchemy merges. Potion, toxins etc all go with enhancements so it became one

You have a great point here what happens if someone has both and they merge? My reply isnt nice, say you own lots of land and the government decides they want to acquire half of it to build a military base, they might reimburse you for a rate land in your area is going for and they do not have to do anything it up to them to decide.

You can have a production and a enhancing profession but you cannot double upgrade your gear and enhancement. Its either one or the other not both when it comes to upgrading but you can still produce boe items to sell from both

(JC/Encresting/Enchanting) this one was hard to come up with but bear with me. No other profession could upgrade these slots neck, ring, trinket which would make JC and Enchanter clear cut winner but to keep everything even had to remove this and make JC a different but similar profession. Right now my model has every profession equally able to produce upgrades to same gear slots so JC and enchanter had to equal out.

I could allow these two to upgrade the last slots but they would take a hit in upgrades all across the board to the other slots and that would be terrible.

Engineering was two but the same profession gnomish and goblin i took that existing idea, much like all my other ideas, and made it work out in a broad manner. There are engineers that excel at creating items and those that improve upon them. This is what that shows yes the same ideas could be said about the other profession but engineering was the best to suit this

(general) I had a thougth about the three profession 1st aid fishing cooking but its not complete. I felt that first aid could heal you, in pve, faster and give you a short buff that increaed healing done to you by a %. Cooking would do what it does now. and fishing a similar bonus but you could only choose 1. Not a complete work so send out ideas

You can farm materials at the ranch, same cooldown, but i think it would be feasible to harvest more or get more plots

(additional resources)I feel this is necessary to allow the economy to boom. Not all people want to farm or raid most like to perpetually play alts or pvp (i should mention getting not so rare items from pvpis available too) and as said prior some people like to do tradeskills and this is a better version of that. Some people will farm mats and make money others will buy them and those select few will do both. I think increasing the number allowed in a stack for tradeskill items should be increased but why would you run raids with that stuff in your bags is beyond me put it in a bank where you have your tradeskill bags at

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