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I've come to the conclusion that I have absolutely no idea how I'm suppose to gain Shado-Pan Assault reputation. I just came back from a 2 month break from WoW, and began to grind the Isle of Thunder dailies the day I got back from my break.

The first few days I must have gotten Shado-Pan rep somehow, because I am close to being honored with them. As of yesterday though, I figured I'd watch my reputation bar while I did the dailies to see how much rep I'd get per day. Needless to say, I didn't get any rep; is there something I'm missing?

I must have gotten the rep somehow before, and I could of swore it was from the dailies, which apparently I was wrong. The only rep I'm getting from the dailies is the Kirin Tor Offensive, which is COMPLETELY useless rep. If someone could point me in the right direction, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
Did you run any LFR Throne of Thunder?
Shado-Pan Assault is the raid reputation for Throne of Thunder. The only way you could have gotten rep from them outside of LFR/Higher difficulties is by doing the treasure room scenario, which does grant some rep with them (Considering you get one of the commendations from a Burial Trove).

But the majority of the SP:Assault rep is obtained through Throne of Thunder on LFR/Normal/Heroic.
AH! Thank you very much, I could of swore it was from the dailies. Really appreciate you clearing that up for me.
All difficulties grant the same amount of rep

ToT trash: Rep until 2999/3000 Neutral
ToT Bosses: 300 rep / kill (Can only receive rep from once a week from each boss, regardless of difficulty)
ToT Weekly 'Champions of the Thunder king': 300 rep

Edit: Left out the commendations you can get from the Trove of the Thunder King (Key to the Palace of Lei Shen)

100 rep from each commendation you get. They're fairly rare, I think
But the majority of the SP:Assault rep is obtained through Throne of Thunder on LFR/Normal/Heroic.

Also doing the ritual stone weekly quest will get you a boss kill's worth of rep.
I believe, if I remember correctly, that when you first do the Isle of Thunder you do get some Shado-Pan Assault rep.

After that the only way to get rep is to run the Throne of Thunder on LFR/Normal/Heroic or to find Commendations. And to do the "stone" dailies.
I don't know what the problem is I started watching my Shado Pan Assault rep this week and ran all the LFR bosses after Tuesday's reset and I stayed at 4194/6000 for rep. I did not kill any bosses in normal or heroic either. Could it be the 300 rep per boss kill reset in 7 days from the last kill and not with the Tuesday raid locks?

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