Water Elemental Glyph

Dear Blizzard,
Allow me to quote from the "Invent a Glyph" thread.
Minor glyph of gentle water

Your water elemental now appears much smaller and does not make ambient noise.

Please please please! I love being frost, but hate having the huge elemental follow me around everywhere, get in my way, stack on things, and just be really loud. I unsummon it in cities and wish I could get along without it outside of them.
I don't care how many reposts I see of this, I will still, "Seconded" every time.
YES PLEASE...Tho i do not play frost...i hate those big water elemental's and there loud noise
Why does this need to be a glyph?
-AKA make it passive. SRSLY who really wants it huge and loud?

Why does the fire specialized Mage care?
I don't care how many reposts I see of this, I will still, "Seconded" every time.

I dont care how many reposts I see of this either, I still say don't use the friggin glyph if its such an issue.

Now that Pet Freeze only gives us FoF procs when the target is rooted you really really don't need the glyph. Not that you needed the glyph before, but now it is even less needed than before.
Why does the fire specialized Mage care?

Maybe someday when we return to the lame world of "frost" we want a quiet pet!

Best not see you trolling on fire threads! :)

Otherwise yeah, I pretty much agree with all you said Evlyn
Create an empty notepad file named "WaterElementalLoop.wav" in World of Warcraft/Data/Sound/Creature/WaterElemental

(you'll probably need to create the Sound folder, the Creature folder, and the WaterElemental folder)

Best quality of life change ever. Having the bubbling noise in my left ear whenever my character stands still is just awful.
Elohn speaks the truth.
I wouldn't mind if ele was smaller in general, but as long as I don't hear that awful noise I can live with it. Worgen sniffing was way more obnoxious.
Why make mages waste a glyph just to make a pet usable? What other class has this much problems with their pets? What class has to deal with a large, retarded pet, that makes too much noise and cant attack while moving?

After a 6 month break from the game, same issues since 5.0. Its like Blizzard is on Heroic Retirement mode, they got their money, they dont even give a F**k anymore.
I wouldnt even have my pet out if not for his ranged Freeze. Its permanately on passive, because I refuse to come up with a macro just to use him. WTF are they thinking? Seriously.

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