Just when you thought you had it all...

here is this little talented gem with 580 BG deaths and 99,999 honor kills who doesn't care about your world first , arena titles , rated battlegrounds , youtube video's or twitchtv stream.

Don't be jealous, 9.99% out of 10 isn't bad.

cared enough to post though, cy@
8k achievement points, 0 maxxed professions (yet a bunch of level 25 pets LOL), 0 PvE content cleared, 443 item level.... 422 out of your 531 BG wins have been AV, which involves little no to PvP at all.....yeah you're garbage.
bragging about random battlegrounds was more impressive before they added rated battlegrounds
Part of being the best, is declaring yourself the best.
Or you could not be a number nerd and just play battlegrounds to enjoy PvP? My OCD really wants you to mistakenly get an HK to ruin it for you.
Guys please don't feed Hyjal's resident horde troll please. He gets fed enough on our realm as it is. Keep it up and he'll have to go on a diet.

Although his trade trolling makes me miss the days of Croatboy.. at least he was funny with the rapping sometimes.

-Former KT Horde
S'all good. Looks like this nerd spends more time pet battling than he does doing any kind of PvP.
Part of being the best, is declaring yourself the best.

I have peons for such things.

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