Monk 3s comps?

What kind of comps are you folks finding some shape or form of success in?
In my experience, WW/Destro/Rsham or WW/BM/Disc work the best. I've had more success with the former.
My personal favorites are WW/hunter/rsham or disc and WW/enhance/disc

WW/spriest/rsham is probably one of the best you can play

WW/DK/disc is also decent
I cant put together a 3s comp that one of my other healers doesn't function better in. :/
i ran WW Monk/Lock/Rdudu to 1750 but im now running WW/Mage/Disc and since we found a good mage i think we might be able to hit 2k :3

Edit: for 5.3 im going to try to go WW/Enhance/Disc
I ran Ret/BM/MW up to 1850. The hunter I had was terribad but we still made it up there. With a good hunter we probably could've hit 2k+
OP - are you talking about from a WW perspective or a MW perspective? I can see MW fitting into almost any comp that other healers can fit into. I think we're very slightly underpowered in comparison to others healers (since we only have 2 real team panic buttons [LC and Revival] whereas shamans have link, healing tide, NS, Ascendance).

I've been having moderate success with Ret/Spriest/MW. Although I don't think it is necessarily a top tier comp.

I'm certainly open to hear what other MW have had success with!
any comp works as long as ww has the glyph to remove all DoTs on their paralysis target.
Ran pretty much everything, it all works tell you get intelligent(ish) thug cleaves, (meaning they can still /roll 3 to choose target, but know how their cc works and setting up their burst) or wizards.
Rogue/Mage/MW worked pretty well for me.
Me and a ww monk went 12-6 as mm hunter ww monk resto shaman today, seems like a good comp but i'm going to go bm next time we go at it, lotta times the extra trinket woulda saved my !@#.
WW/Destro/Rsham (or druid), and WW/Spriest/resto again. The only healers WW don't go well with are paladins, and MW monks. Also Disc priest for those 2 comps.
I run this MW monk with a Destro lock and an arms war and this week we are 22-8 and have reached 1750 so id say this is a very viable combo
Here is how it works.

You have a healer CHECK

Are you a melee CHECK

Are you an Arms Warrior?

If so add a Hunter and go Kung-Fu Cleave if not proceed

Are you a Enhancement Shaman?

If so add a Hunter and go Beast Cleave if not proceed

Are you a Rogue?

If so add a Hunter and go Thug Cleave if not proceed

Are you a Feral Druid?

If so add a Hunter and go Jungle Cleave if not proceed

Are you a Death Knight?

If so add a Hunter and go PHD (or some say PHDk) if not proceed

Are you a Windwalker Monk?

Take a guess...
Thug cleave worked well for me. Running at 2200 mmr.
Edit: I'm running as MW

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