502 staff or 502 1h and 489 1h for Windwalker

I just got the 502 Staff from LFR as well as the 502 axe from the third boss. Which would be better for dps? 502 Staff or 502 axe and 489 weapon?
DW > 2H unless your 2H is significantly better ilvl.
Why not test it and find out?
Honestly I would assume the 502 1h and 4891h woukd be better as the off hand damage is halfed anyway.
DW > 2H if you had the heroic version of the staff I'd have a different response. It's just not a good enough upgrade to go 2H.
Baseline the 502/489 combo will be higher damage. Also don't forget that the second dancing steel proc gives a lot of extra damage.

Also, the staff has an obscene amount of hit on it, which doesn't mesh well with all of the hit that is on our gear this tier (especially the stuff on the Shado-Pan Assault vendor.) Lei Shen's polearm I might give a slightly different answer on, but generally dual wield will win hands down so long as the average item level is within 10 of the two hander.

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