Constantly having to log back into forums?

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Using firefox and allowing the server to keep me logged in for 30 days, is suddenly not working. Everytime I close my browser, or drift off to another site, I have to log in again, sometimes just changing forums too, like going from general, to pet battles.

Since I am an extremely complicated log-in, this is getting kind of tiring..Is it me? Or the forums, or is firefox being a jerk?
That happens to me every once in a while, not sure the cause of it but it isn't only firefox.
Mine's doing it too lately. And it used to do it a while ago - there was some kind of fix. You should search this forum to see if it's still around.

I think it was this same problem. My memory, it needs upgrading.
So that's not just me?
There is already a two-page post here:

It's not your browser. :)
This is happening to me multiple times every day, on Google Chrome. If I close the browser, whether I have the "keep me logged in" box checked or not, I have to log back in.

Not a huge issue, but irritating.
This just started for me yesterday, but today is out of the ball park. I'm kicked out at least every 15 minutes with full log in required to get back in. I'm on iPad with safari and great bandwidth. I can be switching from one alt to another for an armory check and it hangs, then goes to patch notes, and then would like yet another log in. Pretty frustrating.

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