The Blasted Battle - Dark Portal

100+ Dead alliance. We were outnumbered, I have screenshots but I'm too tired to imgur dat Shiiet. And we made them disband after 2 1/2 tries. Then we formed a fun little Goldshire raid with the remaining 15 peeps and went out on a fun note.

Meanwhile in alliance trade chat...

Alliance 2 :"Chillerace is bad."
Alliance 3 :"All hail lord Swifty, Lord and Savior~Best warrior since Klinda."
Alliance 4 :"LF server transfer to tich horde - willing to pay real life moneyzz."

Don't toy with me alliance, I love a good killing spree if I want it, and if we want it. Go Horde, woooo!

Edit* I'm Sir Chillerace. #1 Worst Warlock on DS everything. ~ YoloSwaggins.
Fake and gay
[4/25/2013 7:06:53 PM] *** Missed call from Swifty. ***
[6:08:29 AM] Chilliam: Lord Swifty our god and savior.

He called me... *gasp*

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