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I have always play Aff, PVE and PVP, however due to peer pressure and the fact that affliction is not really viable on PVP, I switched to Destro for OS. I have seen a lot of guides regarding talents, itemization and spell usage, and I think I'm doing something very very wrong. I have tried 3s and some random BGs and I'm always on the bottom of the damage meters. My biggest problem is, I just can't land a freaking chaos bolt, the 2.something cast time is just too dam long, usually when I'm about to finish casting, I get: Interrupted, Stuned, Shadow Locked, feared, etc, or my target gets: LOS, out of range, dead etc. How do you actually hit someone with Chaos Bolt
Be patient, best thing you can do. Don't come out of the gate expecting to get a CB off right away. Wear them down a bit, then when the time is right cast a fear or pet stun and hit them. Plus it's always nice to throw up a fake CB(one w/ out CD's) to make them waste their interrupt.
Chaos Bolt should be used once you've weakened your target - it's not useful to drop a Chaos Bolt into a target at the start of the fight unless you're not being directly engaged by them or their team.

Most of your damage in BG's shouldn't be coming from Chaos Bolts - the majority will be from Rain of Fire, and Fire Brimstone Conflags, Incin's and Immolates. Chaos Bolts come in when something is ready to die because it's blown defensive CD's.

Don't forget that Unending Resolve can be just as potent an offensive as defensive. Build some embers, get some distance, shoot out a couple conflags for the backdraft, pop Dark Soul, hit Unending Resolve, and then start dumping Chaos Bolts until you hit that magic <20% for the Instagib Shadowburn.
In arena: Like a couple have already said, hold off with CB in the opening phases and just build up embers and wait for opponents blow some of their defensive CDs and trinkets. During this phase I build up at least three embers and two conflag stacks.

When ready to let loose I start with a juke CB (start casting CB then stop) to see if they blow any remaining defensive cooldowns, reflects etc, and once thats out of the way I CC target with fear or pet mezz and insta cast my offensive CD Macro (Dark Soul +Trinket+ plus unending Resolve [for cast protection]) and cast a full CB, immediately as the CB hits I follow with two insta conflags which can hit hard with my CDs still up, and quite often this gets the target under or close to 20% with Dark Soul still up for another 10 secs or so and embers available for Shadowburn. It helps to havoc the CB whenever possible (I use a mouseover targetting macro for havoc so no need for target switching), not only just for the double damage but also for the confusion this can create.

I find the Shivarra really helpful in arena for CC, and using gladius I can CC two opponents quickly at the same time with a single right click fear on my focus and a shivarra mezz on my target without target switching, which if nothing else will force two opponents to blow defensive CDs.

In BGs: once again like the other posters said, hold off on CBs. In the mass melee clashes you usually find around the nodes use RoF + FnB conflag (mass snare plus damage), FnB immo and FnB incinerate as much as possible. Make sure you pop a demonic portal and move away from it while casting a few more incinerates. When you are ready to fire off your chaos bolt make sure that you use havoc for double the CB happiness, pop your offensive CDs before casting, and let loose. If you are worried about getting trained you can follow up with an immediate FnB + Conflag to snare and slow the melee, and then teleport back to your demonic circle and repeat.

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