Flash Heal vs Greater Heal and Crit problems

Okay someone please explain this to me, if it can be explained. I feel like it is an unaddressed BUG (the crit issue).
My regular Heals are between 40k-60k (don't even use this much, as anytime I might normally cast it, I just Smite something.)
My Flash Heals are between 75k and 125k.
My Greater Heals are between 90K and 135k.

edit: in full Tyran pvp gear.

When my Flash Heals "crit" they are often lower than a non "crit" Flash Heal. This happens ALOT.

Last season, there was a huge difference between Flash and Greater, other than simply cast time. My Greater Heals could crit for up to 400k regularly, and 450k once or twice. Now I am not saying this should be the typical Greater Heal crit, but it sure would make ALOT more sense if a "Greater" Heal was noticeably quite larger than a Flash Heal.

It is just weird to me that these 3 heals are arranged in order of size, with the middle sized heal being "Flash" and costing a buttload of mana and being not that much smaller than the "Greater" variety.
It's just not very elegant.
Are you Disc?
Do you understand the Crit/DA changes that happened with 5.2?
I thought I did???? Can you say more
I mean, changes aside that doesn't really speak to the illogical-ness of either of my points. "Crits" shouldn't be called such unless they are bigger than normal!
And why is a "flash heal" really a medium heal but faster?
I mean right??
Don't you apply a shield when you crit to the value of the crit?
Before the patch, let's say you have a healing spell that heals for 100k. This 100k heal crits and instead heals for 200k and applies a 60k Divine Aegis. (Before Mastery)

After the patch now, you're 100k heal will crit and will heal for 100k and apply a 100k Divine Aegis. (Before Mastery)

In a nutshell, you've lost the ability for crits to heal a high number, but your crits will instead be preventing a much higher level of damage than before.
oooh. That makes sense.. I wasn't including the bubbles. Greater Heals though even with the DA still don't come close to the 400k heals I was getting...
400k heals!??! yeah that's balanced... No wonder they changed it. Even with wings up on my paladin I would barely just touch 200k with a DL.

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