Brawlers guild and pets

I'm noticing my felguard dies fairly easily against most of the fights. I've been thinking about using GoSac instead. Anyone with experience that can shed some light on this?
Personally I ran destro with a voidlord all the way up to the last fight of rank 6. A lot of the boss mechanics can and probably will slaughter your minion pretty quickly and you have to stick to the mechanics.
As to explain why I choose destro it is because of the instant revive of the Voidlord with a single alongside the ember tap for some extra heals. I use the voidlord because it is the least likely to get one shot so he buys you some time to kite some of the bosses.
I do believe that Icy-veins has some pretty good guides for each of the fights so you can watch those.
I think pets take increased damage in Brawler's Guild fights. You're much better off going sac. I did large majority of the fights with sac and I think I only did a couple fights without it but only when a boss mechanic allowed me to do so without gibbing my pet, like Battletron. The only fight I have left to complete is Disruptron but that's only because I utterly fail at the 35% mark, having him down to 500k being my best attempt so far.

But overall, GoSac is by and large the way to go. Just gotta get good with managing your defensive cds and utilizing healthstones and such. I find destro to be a lot better because of the self heal, but sometimes losing that ember can be detrimental to meeting the enrage, but that shouldn't be a large problem until Rank 8 fights anyways.

Tldr; GoSac is the way to go. All fights doable with GoSac and most fights are very pet unfriendly.
How I did it was I ran Demo GoServ + imp swarm glyph until rank 7. Everything rank 6 and lower so easy I could ignore any and all mechanics because you burst ~150k and everything dies in less than a minute. That was done in 470-480 gear btw.

When I got to rank 7 the bosses started getting more difficult so I went GoSac destro for higher sustained/healing. Worked well. Though rank 8 bosses require some serious gear. I beat Epicus ending at 99k dps and BARELY beat the enrage.
I used a Pet for all the rank 8 bosses paired with soul leech and it worked out fine, even if your pet dies it should give you enough time to get the boss pretty low
Use the Voidlord for log winded bosses he has better armor and he is boss. Soloed Lich King with him yesterday with it.

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