[A] Troling is recruiting 3/12 ToT 4/4 ToES

Troling is a recently formed guild catering to casual players of any sort. We have numerous PVP and PVE players.

We are currently pugging to fill gaps, 2/12 ToT 4/4 ToES - Would love to get some more casual players who are interested in progressing through TOT.

We have been raiding Sat nights but this is likely to change, not sure of what raid times will be but they are fairly flexible, all depends on availability!

Looking for 1 Warrior Tank with DPS OS + 1 Leather Healer with DPS OS for weeknight raiding, they day is not yet set and the raid team is not 100% but if you are interested please get in contact!

If you are interested chuck me a message in game! Or talk to any of our players and they can put you in touch with an officer.

We also have an opening for a raid leader if there is anyone who would like to take a lead position in the raid team.

Skill >>>>>>> lvl > Gear.

Everyone is welcome to join, also interested in starting up an RBG team if people are keen


Bump :D

Growing in numbers, will be starting raids soon.
Still looking for a raid leader!


1/12 ToT (Yea I know, grats us we killed a bag of loot) 4/4 ToES (Including elite mode)

Still really keen on any good dps/tanks/healers


wtb nalak <3
Bump for the Horridon :D

1 Night 1 Kill, on to Tier gloves!
Up :D
Up :D

Skill >>>>>>> lvl > Gear.

I have a level 1 warrior available to tank, and all necessary skills

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