Forum-famous Friday ICC/Uld H25 Runs

It has returned, now with even more !@#$-talk in skype while casuals attempt to have valid opinions in /raid and mumble!

Stomping through both ICC25H and Ulduar 25 every friday night until I get shadowmourne and never follow through for other people.

No achievements at all, Invincible and Mimiron's on reserve and all other loot on free roll.

Calender invites go out at 6:15pm ST, any empty slots will be filled for a 6:30pm ST start for a finish at approximately 9pm.

Whisper or IGM Snaj/Hemotherapy for a calender invite.
Foxx isn't going to be there.

Not worth going to.
Foxx is going to be there.

Worth going to.
I sponsor this.
Foxx is going to be there.

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