WTS Alani Mount 10 Skyshards.

Please make an offer and feel free to add me in game and we can make a deal. My friend has sold 2 this month for around 50k-75k So that is what i will be basing my price on. Open for negotiations.
Sounds like your friend bots too much.
hello, I would be interested in purchasing the mount for 50k, but I'm on horde. I'm assuming that wouldn't be a problem, assuming that you are just going to be pulling it down for me to tag. I would be willing to pay the extra neutral auction house cut.
Stop botting. Go back to killing dragons
You can't tag it that way anymore. It is now tagged to the crystal user and needs to be handled via masterloot. You just need to make a level 1 and get summoned to Vale with your seller and ensure you walk up and melee it or wand it etc. You will be elgible to learn it on that toon I am pretty sure. You'd have to double check with a gm or perhaps wowhead.
Im selling an alani mount for 40k on magtheridon! feel free to add me or message me whenever need gold fast!

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