[bug] what i bought is not what i get?

Mobile Bug Report
I just updated my mobile app and i use this to manage my ah alot (you can say i practically amasses my $$ while using this app)...

Anyhow, theres a weird bug, i am pretty sure if i made a mistake first time round buying the wrong thing, 3x in a row on 3 separate occasions is pretty messed up and this is the first time it has happened to me since i started using the app (i started as a paid subscriber)

What happened is that I have not logged on for 3 days but i been buying gems on mobile to cut and xmute, i bought 2 stacks of uncut sunstone and 1 stack of uncut tiger opal on 3 separate occasions.

What happened today when i finally logged in to xmute and cut my gems, the 2 stack of supposedly uncut sunstone became mystic sunstone and the tiger opal were "artful"... so the mobile armory ah is misleading me, because it showed me buying sunstone but i end up getting mystic sunstone =.=

waste of my gold and now i have to logged on to buy them using TSM just to make sure i am buying what i want. can you please have a check thank you.
Thanks for the heads up. We'll do an investigation around this reported auction house bug.

In the meantime, if you believe there was a mistake in the items received, you may wish to submit a support ticket for potential reimbursement. My team doesn't provide customer support services such as this, but Game Masters can perform their own investigation if you're interested in going down that route.

It's not a guarantee but if it was a legitimate loss they can confirm the ID of the item you bidded/bought out and then see if it matches what you received.


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