[H]<Anesidora> LFM Second 10m Raid Team

<Anesidora> Is a level 25 Guild who is forming a second 10 man raid team.

:Raid Schedule:
Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 6:30 pm (Server) - 9:00/9:30 pm.

:Current Needs:
1 Healer, 1 RDPS, and 1 MDPS.

We would prefer a warrior and a shaman, but all classes will be considered.

<Anesidora> intends to grow while maintaining organization and control over the conduct of its members. We seek to maintain a healthy environment in which players can be themselves without offending/disrupting others. Please feel free to bring your friends, but remember that respectful adult behavior is a MUST.

**More About Anesidora**

Please whisper Meido, Plagamortis, or Zarinaris for specific information in-game; or leave your response here.

*updated to reflect current needs.

Lovely post, Miedo. <3


<Anesidora> is now 12/12!!!!
Would a resto druid fit? Also, is this second group starting on ToT? Or are you doing t14 for gearing?

And grats on 12/12
My apologies for the late response. A resto druid would be a great fit for us. Looking over your armory, you are pretty much what we are aiming. I would very much like to talk to you some more.

Contact me in-game --> Miedo (spriest) Shuki (warlock)
rID: Rigbone#1244

As for T14, the general thought is that once we get the team together we are going to run through ToES to see how well we all work together and where adjustments need to be made. With that said, we would like to jump right into ToT.
Still looking for a few more. Come play with us and you may get sung to by a guildee! C'mon people you can't place a value on that kind of entertainment.

Updated the post to reflect our current needs.
Holy paladin very interested. I have some experience in ToT looking to expand that with a great guild. I am only at 488 Ilvl but I do have a DPS set if I ever needed to switch also still have 3 LFR's this week so my Ilvl should be around 490 at the end of this week, I would like to say I usually top heals in LFR(It is LFR so yea.) and wouldn't mind switching for a great guild.

Grats on 12/12 as well.
Frost DK with 12/12 norm mode ToT exp
Check the first post for updated needs for Core Team 2!
Go Miedo! Go go Miedo!! *cheeeeeer!*


My info if your interested in a spot is Nubcake#1858
If you need/have questions contact me or Miedo :)
Hello, myself and 3 other core raiders are considering transferring to a more active server.
Our current progression is 10/14 reg, unfortunately our raid team has had to replace several of our raiders on a regular basis, and this has halted our progression.

The four of us are skilled, punctual, committed players, with past heroic experience. All four of us have our Legendary Cloak and a 562+ ilvl, we're looking for a guild that has available raid spots, or the possibility of forming a new late-night raid team. Two of our members finish working rather late and are only able to raid at around 9:00 - 10:00. (Hyjal server time)

The players in question are listed below.

562 Combat/Subt Rogue

561 Holy Paladin

563 Elemental Shaman

562 Survival Hunter

If you have any interest please feel free to contact us.
Drakvrael#1382 (Curent raid-leader and GM)
Dynamite#1358 (Officer)

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