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Hello Everyone I am the recruiting officer for "Bad Horse" a lvl 25 guild with a 10m core raiding team that has cleared 12/12 and pushing into heroics.We are currently looking for an EXP Frost Mage to fill our gap in the core and make us a whole team again, atm we are currently running 2 locks because of the lack of mages. He is our backup and you will be in the team as soon as you join, you are not safe for the spot tho as we the guild officers will be watching for your performance and raid awareness. We are a friendly guild looking for a non drama mage to help us have fun and clear heroics. once you do join the guild if you do, You will be set as a trial and that period of time depends on your performance in raid, and awareness during the role you play in the encounters we will be watching you on all aspects of the raid, Just knowing your stuff and raiding with us isn't all that you need to be a good fit in this guild. You will need to have a light humor personality as we love to joke and kid around with each other. We do use some vulgar language so we would like you to be 18+ to join the guild. Our raid setup atm is Bear tank - Blood Dk - Resto druid - Holy Paladin - Disc priest- Bm/Surv Hunter - Warrior - Lock - Ele Shammy - and waiting for a mage to fill the blank. Our raid days and times are Wed/Thur/Sun 630 - 930 server time Frostmourne. Please do not hesitate to toss me an ingame message or mail anytime i am on about this post thank you and have a great day :)
You would probably do better on the guild recruitment and your realm forums.
This is for Raid and Guild Leadership.

Good luck !

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