RBG Team

I'm putting together another RBG team. This is a team, not a loose collection of individuals that want to simply get points.

What I'm looking for:

1. Have 500 duels under your belt.
2. Have at least a duelist title.
3. Have at least a commander title.
4. Be current on your gear.


The schedule has not been set yet. You can assume it will be one evening during the week and one evening on the weekend. We will not run games on Tuesday or Wednesday.

What will be required of you:

1. Show up on time both days (this means 15 minutes early).
2. Stay for the entire duration.
3. Have a good attitude.
4. Understand your role and take direction.
5. Have good internet.
6. Duel me regularly.
7. Joining Ruinous is not a requirement, but it is a bonus (makes my life easier).
Some of these I concur with, some of them I do not. Good luck with your team.

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