LF Extremely Social guild

I used to be a part of Cookie Monsters, but everyone has gone there ways. I know have some free time to play around and level again so I'm looking for a guild that is extremely social. I could careless if you're progression oriented, pvp oriented, or really what it is that you do. I'm just looking for a fun a social group of people to hang around with.

Lemme know if there are any guilds like this still remaining horde side.
Hey! I'm from a fresh newly made guild, so we're still working on earning the Perks. We have an active group right now with a mumble server so we can communicate easily!

If you're just looking to hang out and socialize, we can do that. Our goal is clear end-game content and earn achievements tho. Just send this toon a tell if you're interested.
I am recruiting for a socialist guild but you'd need to swap to Alliance to join up.

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