Touch It [H]10 Man 1/13H Recruiting Healer!

Area 52
<Touch It> is currently looking to boost our roster for casual/Semi-Hardcore 10-man progression in Mists of Pandaria.

Server: Area 52(H)

Raid Times: 8-11(Server time) ET Tuesday-Thursday (with possibility of additional progression or clean up raid day on Monday)
Loot: Council
Officers/Contacts: Kilovax(GM),Davelawllol, Swagtier, or Chïchï

We are a close knit group of people (mostly friends) who included Ex-Hard Core Raiders with MANY server firsts. We have re-formed from a 25 man format as the majority of us found it to be unsustainable. We have members who constantly rank in the top 10 in the world for their role on every fight. (Check world of logs)

Recruitment Needs

2 Ranged Preferably-
1) Hunter
2) Mage
3) Boomkin
1) Shaman

Our logs are public, and we would like to find people who are putting out numbers commensurate with what our raid members are currently producing.

All trial will be expected to know the fights and be able to follow directions (regardless of if its the fun jobs or not). If you show up to a raid with no idea what to do with your class or where to be...then we probably aren't for you. This being said we do make mistakes, we just don't want people that don't learn and adapt without repetitious instruction.

What We Expect:

1) Applicants should know their role. We dont want to have to teach you how to play this class cause you are an LFR Hero. Know what to do and have insightful input into the learning process.

2) Applicants should be up to date on the current theorycrafting, and are aware of any ways to better their gameplay on a fight to fight basis, depending on their role.

3) Applicants must be reliable. No call no show without an EXTREMELY good reason will be grounds for removal. If you can't really make the raid times and dates please find something that more closely fits your schedule.

4) Applicants can follow directions and have a good grasp on all raid mechanics. Research videos on progression and know what your role is and how to best accomplish it. When everyone has good insight into the boss mechanics, even before the first attempt, it really helps us push progression and not waste time on simple mechanics.

Please post or contact the above listed officers with any questions. We will hold a short interview (5-10 mins) and see if we think you are a good fit for us, and if we are for you.

We love to have fun and with this comes a certain amount of profanity, goofing off, and MDing to healers. If you can't handle any of this...WE ARE NOT FOR YOU. Now, when it comes down to raid time we are certainly serious, but BOP'ing the tank on farm content WILL HAPPEN (only because they removed DI from the game). Putting bounties on certain raid members and seeing what creative ways others can kill them (IE life gripping a member into the snail trail)WILL HAPPEN. If you are completely serious all the time and treat the game like a job, being on the clock, look elsewhere please as you wont be happy.
Now we need a healer. Hit us up for a Tuesday raid tryout
Up up and away!
Looking for a Rest Shammy and a boomkin now.. or resto druid and mage
Still looking
Healer Only needed now. Post of send us an in game message
Come healy heal for us peeps!

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