<Shepherds We Shall Be> 4/12 late night LFM

Do you have a job that puts you home at late hours? Tired of logging into your guild only to ask "how did the raid go?"

Are you a NIGHT OWL?

Then <Shepherds We Shall Be> might just be worth taking a look at.

First off met me tell you about myself. I am Annamay GM of SWSB i LOVE raiding and i like progression.. nothing like that first guild kill of a new boss. I have been raid lead in many guilds and have come very very close behind some of the top guilds in the world in terms of downing a new raid right after it comes out. But that time has passed for my old server and its practically dead so now i am on Malganis hoping to start anew.

Im gonna give it to you straight. This is a new guild and I am recruiting all players that want to join on a trial basis.. and by that i mean... if you are overly rude and otherwise annoying i will not be accepting you to my guild. I am looking for friendly players as this will be a DRAMA FREE guild.

I am a 515 raid tank and have 4/12 ToT xp.

I am looking for people who want to raid late night.
The projected raid times for the guild are as follows.

(all in server time)
Sun 11pm to 5am
Mon 11pm to 5am
Tue 11pm to 5am
Wed 11pm to 5am
Thu 11pm to 5am

This is not to say that we will be raiding 30 hours a week.. this is just the scope... i would say more like 3 to 4 days a week at 3-4 hours a day... but again depending on availablity of raiders. most likely times are Tues Wed Thrus starting at 11 ST going for 4 hours a night or 12 hours a week

If these are the times you want to raid then put in a reply to this thread or ingame mail
the Following:

1 : Main ilvl class spec
2 : Age
3 : Current raid xp (mop data only please)
4 : Number of level 90 characters
5 : how long have you played WoW
6 : anything else you think i might like to know or you just want to share. :P

and since i am asking you i will give you mine aswell. :D

1: Main Annamay 515 Monk Tank/heals
2: Age- 28
3: 4/4* Toes and 4/12 ToT
4: 4 90's (monk, lock, priest, druid)
5: 7 years
6: i was a lock main for 6 years since Vanilla until MoP when i switched to a Monk Main. i also post how to solo guides for old raids on youtube.

Look forward to hearing from you :P
bump.. updated
Yay for late night raiding!

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