The history of pally seals

I finally finished with it. I took way to many breaks while making it but I am so glad for Zendraka's amazing in detail post. Your amazing Zendraka!

Heres a link the pally seal video
I have an awesome fur coat made out of old paladin seals

Ok, another bad joke
I think in the early days, what really affected the changes to the seal system had more to do with pvp than pve.

Seal of Command (rank1)+Hand of Ragnaros+Hand of Justice (trinket)+Darkmoon Card Maelstorm (trinket). Now THAT was unforgiving in pvp!

What was really ridiculous was that up above but instead of SoC, you had the prot talent Reckoning and Seal of Righteousness. Time to one-shot clothies!! Woooohooo!

Oh the glory days....
Useless necro, video was already made for this, any information added will not be viewed by OP most likely.


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