Please, Save our dying server.

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Okay, this has gotten kind of stupid. Our server is absolutely dead. Even at peak hours you'll maybe see 10 people max in Shrine of two moons and Orgrimmar has maybe 5. It is nearly impossible to form even a sha or galleon group on our server. Nalak is regularly 20 manned because its the easiest boss ever. Oondasta is absolutely impossible still(But hey thanks for the nerfs, The group i had got him to 40% before wiping and people getting butthurt and leaving after 2 pulls)

I dont have time for real raiding anymore, i have a busy life. But i love casual raiding, raid finder is a wonderful addition. I love doing the world bosses too. I dont have the cash to pay for more server transfers(ive bought 2 in the past, one to come to this server just to join a guild that later dissolved) and i have 2 90s here. Im sorry but i just cant justify paying 50 bucks for 2 characters to be transferred.

I think anyone on horde side on our server would agree, its time for Blizzard intervention in saving our server. I know ally doesnt have quite the same problem to my knowledge, ive heard they outnumber horde 3 to 1 our server. Draka still appears as a Medium pop server.

Sorry if this is the wrong place for this topic, But something needs to be done, Its ruining my experience playing the game.
Hello Chelovek

You are looking for the General Forums. The devs do not read this forum for input.

Good luck

Edit: and here we are
04/26/2013 02:00 PMPosted by Aik
You are looking for the General Forums.

Send it back to CS. We have enough of these already.

OP, They are endeavoring the problem.

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