Shadow Priest DPS question.

I recently went to shadow and am building up my shadow set. I believe I am gemmed and chanted fairly well. I know I need weapon and bracer enchants. And in raid and LFR settings I can pull between 77-109k dps. The dps obv. varies based on what dmg. modifiers a fight has, how much movement is going on, etc. Here is my question. Is that what my dmg. should be around? I may just be paranoid, but it seems like its a bit low at times compared to what gear i have.
Change to:

Jade Spirit
Haste to Boots
Int heaving gemming 'till 30k Spell Power Raid buffed
Make sure to change talents / glyphs between fights
Chant wrists

You should be pulling at least around ~20k DPS more iirc.

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