Top pet for dps

I did some testing.

Grimoire of Supremacy is what I am spec'd into.
My buffs were: Dark Intent, Enchanted intellect(320int), and Alchemists stone.
The only debuff on the dummy was: Curse of the Elements.

Each pet hit a target dummy (not the Raider's training Dummy) for 5minutes.
Shivarra - 2,295,828 damage total, 7596 dps.
Observer - 2,282,803 damage total, 7595 dps.
Voidlord - 2,196,722 damage total, 7617 dps.
Fel Imp - 2,307,977 total damage, 15,926 dps.

Here is another test, same as above but 30seconds, instead of 5minutes.
Shivarra - 284,476 total damage, 8441 dps.
Observer - 265,440 total damage, 8165 dps.
Voidlord - 241,082 total damage, 7641 dps.
Fel Imp - 343,092 total damage, 16,728 dps.

*My stats are: 12,082 Intellect.
18,946 Spell Power, 7.23% haste, 14.97% Hit, 12.19% Crit, 43.68% Mastery.

** My spec is Destro

***This is for single target PvE fights, not AoE. Not for PvP either.

So in closing, choosing a pet is situational when it really comes down to it, from what I have found at least.
observer would come ahead if you use spell lock on cd, might want to rerun his trials to reflect this
Also your melee pets benefit from the melee debuffs on targets and melee buffs which you'd have during raids, which would make all of their dps rather similar.
It's whatever. Use whichever one has the cutest name.
Testing this out tonight with the imp on tortos, imp seems to pulling ahead. Its interesting.
From what I've read recount and such do not accurately record the imps dps because of the down times in their casting fireballs (or something along those lines). Also what everyone else said earlier about the melee pets (observer namely) benefitting from boss debuffs and such.
Since this is my first toon, and I have been destro mainly since 2009, I feel that using anything but an imp is just.... wrong lol. I LOVE the Observer too, always wanted to have the evil jellyfish as a pet, but... it just feels so off!

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